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Hnilmik's News

Posted by Hnilmik - November 11th, 2011


This is gonna be a long post 'cause I'll be sharing tons of stuff that piled up over the weeks...

What is Skullgirls?! - http://skullgirls.com/
Who is Ms. Fortune?! - http://skullgirls.com/characters/ms-fo rtune/

Some behind the scenes stuff on voice acting for Skullgirls! - http://skullgirls.com/2011/06/on-voice -acting/

For the lazy yet still curious folks: I auditioned from my home in southern California, they liked what I got (I was choking on stuff all day out of surprise when I was told that I was cast), and I drove out to record the real thing in the studio, where I got directed to scream, attack, and meow all over the place. Meowing was of course our favorite parts of the session and I hope to record more for her soon!

If you've read some of my older blog posts, you'll know VERY well how much of a fan I am of Alex Ahad's work (long before Skullgirls got under the gaming radar), so I'm REALLY happy to finally work with him on something! I'm also happy to be in a game of this much awesome-ness with my voice acting friends in the cast, with more to come!


Oh yeah, I provided additional voices for the first episode of the Secret Millionaires Club mini-series that aired on The Hub (in October)! You can baarreeellyy hear me say "MAGNIFICENT!" near the end of the fashion show scene~

Funny story: I found out on accident that it was going to air on TV while watching My Little Pony~

What else piled up?

Awesome stuff on Newgrounds like:
Jack's Halloween Treats - I voice for Chloe and all of the little kids in this~ I hope it places in the Halloween flash competition 'cause it's VERY cool!

Resident Evil Code: Pwanchi Part 2 - I voice for Ingrid Hunnigan~ Small part, but I always want to work on something Pwanchi because of the fun writing!

And, I helped a friend of mine, Jinberry, with her Sound Construction project for her Masters degree by voicing the mermaid in this adaptation of Emily Carroll's eerie comic, The Prince & The Sea!

Voicing with me are my friends Omahdon as the Narrator and Apatheria as the Prince! Be sure to watch this in glorious, HD FULLSCREEN! It better emulates the experience Emily Carroll was going for with her comic!

No, seriously, watch it in fullscreen. GOGOGOGOGO!!


Hear me once again as Chi-Chi in TeamFourStar's DBZ Abridged in the Lord Slug movie that premiered at Youmacon!

I think I got everything--NOEP.

I voice for Lyaazor in this Artists At The Ready 2 flash entry for round 3 by the talented PhiTuS! It's unfinished, but hey, for OCT's (which I've ALWAYS wanted to voice in), better something than nothing! Also in the cast is Omahdon once again! Seriously, I'd watch it JUST for him I've never seen kooky and suave pulled off simultaneously before jkdhskghjkl

AatR2 R3 Lancaster Turnpike Act 1
AatR2 R3 Lancaster Turnpike Act 2
AatR2 R3 Lancaster Turnpike Act 3

@@; For folks who don't believe how busy I am... There you go. Now if you'll excuse me, I still owe lines and I have more auditions to do!

Junk Drawer: Copy/Pasta Time

Formspring: I like answering questions, especially about voice acting! Mean questions just make me sad!
Tumblr: Where I scream at paper until the fibers surrender strange markings!

I voice for Ms. Fortune in Skullgirls!

Posted by Hnilmik - October 9th, 2011

First, let me spam stuff:

[article i wrote a gaming website]:
Turning Bioshock's Rapture Into A Haunted Attraction

[recording i did during a lapse of madness]:
Only actors will understand what this is. Other folks will just think I inhaled a lot of obnoxigen. A LOT.

Voice Acting: What's your workload NOW?

Halfway through a Halloween flash, gonna jump straight into another Halloween flash after that.

Weybridge from the iPhone game is STILL HIGH PRIORITY, but things have been getting crazy each time I try to record for her. Things like mom needing surgery (a lot), dealing with post-graduation problems (like me wanting to work, family wanting me to get a backup plan), and so on...

More professional voice work for a variety projects (lots of additional voices, cringing at lawsuit drama determining whether or not a show I'm voicing in will air) + 3 more flash animations.

In a sentence, I'm STILL insanely busy... As usual.

So I'm still turning down lots of voice acting requests... Sorry...!

Voice Acting: There's good news though, right?


In the meantime, I believe I AM allowed to say this though: I'm voicing a prominent role in this Xbox 360 game!

This is an old trailer, of a long ago build, but just LOOK AT IT!!


Junk Drawer: Copy/Pasta Time

Formspring: I like answering questions, especially about voice acting! Mean questions just make me sad!
Tumblr: Where I scream at paper until the fibers surrender strange markings!

If Bioshock Was A Haunted Attraction...

Posted by Hnilmik - September 20th, 2011

xT ...But it didn't air yet, so I'm not gonna say which show just yet, but it's for a well-known TV series and I literally got paid to laugh at people and meow like a bajillion cats.

Heads Up!: I'm gonna be declining a lot of new voice acting opportunities so I can finish up the work I'm working on now!

I say this practically every blog post nowadays, huh...

But I mean it! Mean it mean it this time! To this day I have no idea how I even get a bunch of these TV show, video game, and so on voice acting opportunities without a good demo and I don't want to push my luck--Or jinx it by being too excited!

I want to give my demo the time and care I've been promising it all these years, as well the the projects I'm working on now, so I really have to turn down even more opportunities to make this possible... So I can pursue even more insane opportunities!


Resident Evil Chronicles 3 - I think I recorded my role as Jill Valentine in this 1-2 years ago! And you know what? I like how over the years, the animation got better!

VG Exiles EP 3 - Aaanndd I recorded for my role as Cammy in this a little over a year ago! And whoa, I'm a little self-conscious about how much I've improved since, but DAYUM, no wonder this took so long to release--Dat fight scene! DAT ART!!

Xionic Madness 4: Part 1 & Part 2 - Aaannddd I still voice for Kary, the green-haired, homicidal, telekinetic, dominatrix robot hell-bent on killing everything ever. People don't usually cast me as villains (for some reason), so you bet that this role holds a special place in my heart~ I knew the XM series was popular, because it's EPIC, but whoa--There's fanart?! There's a WIKI!? STAY TUNED FOR PART 3!!

Voice Acting: no seriously where are my lines what are you working on anyways

Let's look at these sticky notes I FINALLY decided to employ after losing a bunch of stuff because my last laptop blew up...

4 animations (1-2 of which are animation pilots)
2 animated series finales (guess which 2 asddgdh)
2 "dubs" (more like adaptations?)
I finished recording 2 games (1 for the PC, another for Facebook--doing pickups/redoes)


BTW, that definitely ain't my natural voice--Kary is more around my natural voice, if you're familiar with my work.

Fun Fact: One of the above animations I owe lines for requested I video record myself recording! Huh!

but really saaagdfgajkghfdkgjsjfgk i'm working hard! i'll get all these projects doooonneee!! don't be afraid to punch me to work harder--i'm a masochist!!

Junk Drawer: okay shut up wrap up this blog already

I was interviewed again~ It starts around 15:43 and features even more different stuff from the last interview I did~!

Formspring: I like answering questions, especially about voice acting! Mean questions just make me sad!
Tumblr: Where I scream at paper until the fibers surrender strange markings!

here have some wolf/jackal heads i doodled thoughtlessly under a minute
i'll whine about pursuing a master's in another blog post sdfhsfdh

My voice is going to be in an animated children's show on television.

Posted by Hnilmik - July 24th, 2011

Whoooaaaaaa... Yeah, I must've been reeeaaaallyy busy if it's been a month since I last updated this. And I still am too!

Dx In fact, what probably kept me from updating was, quite frankly, computer problems... The laptop I've been using for the entirety of my voice acting pursuit DIED. Or at least habitually commits suicide at unpredictable intervals. I couldn't record while knee-deep in projects that needed my lines, I switched across 2-3 different computers (with differing problems each, ranging from icky sound issues to COMPUTERS MYSTERIOUSLY KILLING THEMSELVES, EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE NEW)... It's awful.

;_; That said, I'll be turning down a lot of newer opportunities. The good news is things are much better now and I'm catching up on my lines, but I don't want to push my luck.

Voice Acting: Projects, Projects, Projects!

Reincarnation: The Evil Next Door - I voice for...! THE REINCARNY YOU GET TO KILL IN THIS GAME, YAY!! Haha, I easily get addicted to point 'n' click games, so I was sooo excited about finally getting the opportunity to voice for this series~

Meanwhile, I provide a voice in the iPhone game Detective Grimoire, made by The-Super-Flash-Bros! Which isn't out yet, but it will be eventually and there're plans to port it to other platforms too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Also in the cast are Omahdon, Egoraptor, Tomamoto, PrincessAurora, and Shudo Ranmaru! SUPER EXCITE!

Fun Fact: I do practice voice matching. A lot. If it wasn't already obvious with Nanako, Chi-Chi, Lucy Van Pelt, and Ed (I swear there're more, but those are the ones people are more likely to recognize), I don't just imitate iconic quotes, but also recreate vocal qualities, speaking patterns, and taking on the characters' personalities. Why? 'Cause it broadens my range and it lets me do crazy things like this:

And yes, I'm Fluttershy in these clips~ I can mimic other My Little Pony characters too, but this is all I can show for now 'til I get the time to record the other ponies (after I finish recording for other projects)~

And yes, Derpy Hooves above was voiced by AMTRAX91~

Voice Acting: What Else I've Been Up To!

I was at Anime Expo the week my computer problems began to happen. In other words, "I WENT OUTSIDE". WHAT A CONCEPT! But it wasn't all fun and games there, even though I did have a great time. I got an industry badge (yay for being able to go to a con for free) and used it to get in touch with the folks I worked with (like Egoraptor and Takahata101 from Team Four Star), am currently working with, and am planning on working with, which was hard since everyone was busy and running around and I had to run around to find 'em while not get run over by your garden variety con goers asadghjghjajdg-- I wish I got to check out the Artist Alley more thoroughly, actually BUY stuff, and hang out with my friends more... It was like there wasn't enough time in a single day! Busy busy busy! But still a great time, like a tough but awesome day!

baugusbryson interviewed me some time ago too~! Listen to me not STFU about myself and yes, I did get to visit the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank kinda recently~

More exciting news on the horizon! But I'll share them when I'm allowed to!

Posted by Hnilmik - June 16th, 2011

XD Still busy catching up on all the stuff I owe. Still ridiculously picky about what projects I'm gonna take on 'cause I really need to spend more time on making my demo and breaking into the biz like I planned. Seriously, I'm WAY overdue with a demo and there're so many more opportunities out there if I have one!

Oh, and trust me, I'm making progress into the biz! I just can't talk too much about it 'til I'm allowed to, so the least I can do is do what I've been doing online to "speed up the releasing process" (more like making the wait bearable): Voice in so many things that when they get released on their own time, it'll be like a constant stream of stuff coming out! Like below!

Voice Acting: Released Projects

Cheromanchequois - I voice for Lolita in this awesome animation Pixmintro put together, with my friend D-Mac as a co-star!

"It's A Mad World, Charlie Brown" - I voice for Lucy Van Pelt once again in this Charlie Brown animation, wonderfully put together by NEXTVIEW-Designs and Joeseph Hyata~! My good pally Amanda made her flash animation debut as the adorable voice of Sally Brown~! And Denten needs a Newgrounds account for me to link to.

I voice for Farah, the freckled red-head in this officially sponsored MapleStory web series, animated by CirrusEpix!

Did my Lucy sound ridiculously close to the original? Wanna hear more voice matching!? Yeah, this is "old", but my pal Edwyn actually recorded the part of Gemini Rue that I'm in... I voice for Ed (from Cowboy Bebop)!

And since I love the crap outta linking names, here're my other buddies who're in that video~
Motly - Spike
Antfish - Jet
DragonKnightTara - Faye

And D-Mac is still awesome for making the casting happen~ Oh! And I can't believe I forgot Darkwolf, the assistant casting dude!

We voice peeps stick together, yo~

The stuff you probably skip is at the END this time!

Graduated with a BA in Screenwriting, with honors! Here're my final grades:

Advanced Screenwriting = A
Camera Acting = A
World Geography = A
Comedic Improv = A
Comedic Writing = B+

D8< !!

I've mostly been saving up my monies for more voice acting classes, but whoa... Convention season... Will I be at Anime Expo!? Comic-Con!? WE'LL SEE!!

Here, have an old sketch I did months ago.

Voice Matching and Making Progress into the Biz!

Posted by Hnilmik - May 25th, 2011



Gosh, I'm SOOOO exhausted! And I still gotta catch up on TONS of things I owe, from lines from who-knows-how-long-ago, neato auditions (like television shows featuring original animation and video games WHOA), important emails (I finish university classes just to take MOAR VOICE ACTING CLASSES), to voice acting guides I've shelved because I was too busy (like vocal range expansion)! YIKES!

O_O; And and and I put off so many of my own personal things, like videos, fun recordings, my productions, and ART STUFF!! AAHH!! I MEANT IT WHEN I SAID I WANTED TO DO BETTER ART AND COOLER ANIMATIONS!!

@@; And oh goodness, to the people who've emailed or IM'd me a message in the vein of "You now can't use studying as an excuse to hide from me!", please wait 'til I'm done clearing the decks of at least the things I owe! Don't worry, I'm gonna get to your stuff soon!


In other news... Going to Disneyland in June! First time in YEEAAARRSS~~ Can't wait!

Here, have a celebratory crocodile I drew several months ago.

Deal with it.

PS: Oh, and awesome sauce, my voice acting teacher, Crispin Freeman, pumped mah stuff in his latest mailing list newsletter thingummy (and I don't mean the review I wrote for one of the classes I attended last year)~ LOOK HERE, REVERSE PUMPING!!

Graduated with Honors!

Posted by Hnilmik - May 8th, 2011

...And I have 3 days to type up 50 pages for a screenwriting class (and the script is for this crazy series I keep talking about--OW), 4 days to finish a comedic script (8 or so pages away; I suddenly want to try animating this too--WHY), and 10 days to shoot a short scene for camera acting class (didn't even start yet--AUGH).

How am I not dead?

Still on my voice acting hiatus 'cause I'm GRADUATING AND I WANT TO THINK I HAVE MY PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!

Voice Acting: Released Projects

Construction Men (Scene1) - I voice for the phone woman~! It was great being able to work with Ockeroid again, along with my other voice acting buddies!

Always Remember Me - I voice for the leading lady, Amarantha Finch, in this dating sim for girls! This is super exciting for several reasons!

1 - Cristina Vee and I always seem to come close to but never really voicing in the same project together, mostly due to a lot of bad luck. Sure, she just sings the main theme for this game (written by Matthew Myers), but it's closer than before! And you can buy the theme song too!
3 - ...now i dont have to photoshop my face into the game for my sick fantasies where im surrounded by prettily drawn fictional men in hopes of the void in my heart being filled by these simulated relationships no wait that sounds freaky and wrong i mean

Sanity Not Included S2, EP08 - I voiced for Ultimecia for the Dissidia segment and Amanda for the animated segment!

...I owe lines for a couple tight deadlines. Lots of exciting stuff on the horizon, I'll tell ya that much! And once I graduate, there'll be even more to look forward to!

Art Quest: Fighting an Art Block!

...I keep changing the title of this portion, don't I?

But yeah. I'm fighting an art/creativity block as hard as I can so I can finish my screenplays and hopefully still have a brain to function. Here're two ways I typically do this:

1 !! - I surround myself with my favorite influences and keep looking for new things to be inspired by. My favorite artistic influences I run to the most are, in no particular order...

Alex Ahad - His stuff is so dynamic and his style has so much personality~! His color choices just pop! I can spend hours browsing through his Livejournal art dumps~ Looking forward to Skullgirls~!! Fun Fact: Cristina Vee is in this game too, haha~

Unknown-Person - His animations are FUN, ACTION-Y, and AMAZING. It's a shame that his stuff made it onto NG only once, where folks uploaded his stuff without his permission and subsequently scared him from wanting to upload his stuff here since. If there's a reason why I suddenly want to single-handedly animate my own series, it's because of his works. Here, have a video someone uploaded onto YouTube without his permission.

lenkobiscuit - One of my favorite artists/animators ever. His style is sooooo pretty, unique, and distinct. A very creative guy and damn, is it true that the devil is in the details! And what I like most is how his colors stand out without punching your eyes, y'know? Vibrant, but appropriate to whatever effect he's trying to achieve. I can look at and rewatch his stuff for hours. Seriously, I still love the crap outta Hipsterween.

Toniko - The pitch trailer for Serpent's Grave was gorgeous as hell. Now watch the 1st year film he made at Calarts.

So painterly... So flowy... And look at how those shots were composed! And the action! And the magic! It pops instead of blending in with the rest of the animation! Every moment was interesting to me~

I would die if I manage to work with all of these people someday. All of them. By the looks of things, I'm slowly making progress!

Other things that inspire me?

Cirque du Soleil with its surreal awesomeness! I've actually watched most of the shows these acts are from!

Magic! I'd live in the Magic Castle if I could, but for now, I'll settle with visiting the place every time my magician friends give me the chance (I'm so lucky to somehow befriend a couple members of the magic culture/society--you can see one of them in this video)!

Here, have a pickpocket magician working in Cirque du Soleil's Kooza!

Why yes! I'm a rather whooshy eccentric person who loves dynamic spectacle, surrealism, and magic!

2 !! - I KEEP DRAWING. OR CRY TRYING (see what I did there).

Below are a few doodles for my series that turned out okay-ish. Needless to say, I have a waaaayysss to go before I even come nearly as good as my artistic influences.

Dx How do you guys fight art blocks? I need new methods!

Artistic Influences to Fight an Art Block!! & 10 days 'til it's over!!

Posted by Hnilmik - April 22nd, 2011


xx; AND I'M BEHIND IN... My scripts and my voice work. It's the final stretch, so bear with me! The stuff with the RIDICULOUSLY close deadlines are at the top of my priority list (ex: school projects, friendship/reputation/professional endeavor on the line). For new requests, it's HIATUS, HIATUS, HIATUS 'TIL SUMMER!!

I think I'm done by May 11th. I think. That's one of the "final class dates", anyways.

Voice Acting: Released Projects

42 Boxes ACT I - I voice for Liz the Fire Mage in this~

What's Next After Graduating? Art Major?

EVERYONE asks me this, especially since I often express not wanting to be a screenwriter despite my major in that area. LOTS of people, including myself, wonder "Why aren't you an art major?" Hmmm... Well, a few reasons.

1 - I art to relieve stress and express myself. I art as a hobby I want to be good at, not something I want to be paid for doing someday. I can't see myself doing art for profit. I'm not yet at the level where I think my art is or will be worth any money and even if people wanted to buy art from me now, I'd probably turn down the offer 'cause it'd stress me out for maybe not achieving a vision we both are looking for. It's a quality/standards thing. Also, would it be douchey of me to be in this major where everyone else is taking this seriously, wanting to be in a big studio someday, while I'm all "lawl i just wanna draw pretty to make pretty stuffs at hoem 4 teh internet"?

2 - Of the few art classes I took part in, I found myself surrounded by pretentious "artiste" types... In general, especially in creative fields, I don't like surrounding myself with people who find it necessary to demean others to give off an air of being "critical thinkers". I like honest people and while blunt words may sting, I always appreciate what they have to say. I just don't like people who're too full of themselves and think they're "enlightened and infallible" (ex: "Everyone should see things my way and they're stupid if they didn't understand the message I was conveying"). I'm guessing that these people will be around no matter what, but will they thin out later on in the major?

Ultimately though, I'm thinking of POSSIBLY going into animation next. There's so much I love about it, and have loved about it, for the longest time, maybe my entire life, and it's probably about time I actually pursued it in somewhat similar mindset I have towards screenwriting: I'm in to learn how to convey my vision the best way possible.

I'm probably gonna talk more about this in a later date.



I've had it for a long while now, but only my friends know it exists, haha~

Posted by Hnilmik - April 8th, 2011

Voice Acting: Released Projects

Whoa, a couple things got released since my last update~!

Wayfinder 2 - I voice for Philon in this point and click game~!

I always wanted to work with Hyptosis~ Dude, he really knows how to make games, especially point and click ones, atmospheric; I dig that hardcore you have no idea*.

o_o; Man, I really wish there was a way for me to do something for him... 'Cause he's one of those producers who really, really cares for his works and who's really, really nice to those he works with, so you feel bad whenever you do something stupid while working with the guy. And I do stupid things 'cause I'm made of lame.

ZOMGIES - I voice for the main girlie~

Kreid put in extra effort for this one and man, he just keeps getting better and better at animating! I've been voicing for quite a few of his projects for what, a year now? It's insane how fast he improves with each animation he cranks out.

Aroura Cascade - I voice for Megan Star in this BULLET HELL game! PEW PEW PEW! I recorded this about a year ago, so if you recognize my bad imitation of one of my closest voice acting friends, you know why--HAHA~!!

Once more, I voice for Amanda (the brunette) during Spazkid's animated sequences in Sanity Not Included (Season 2)!

I love how fun that show is and I love how Spazkid just adds to the zany-ness with his awesome animating talents (UNDER RIDICULOUSLY TIGHT DEADLINES, MIND YOU)~ I always replay the animated sequences. Over and over and over. 'Cause they're just so fun and cool to look at.

And probably for the last time, I voiced for Nanako (the poor little girl that NEVER gets a break) in Sapphire's Hiimdaisy Persona 4 Comic Dub.

It's the finale since the artist, Hiimdaisy, is discontinuing the P4 comics to pursue other interests, like her own original projects~ Very, very pretty original works at that! Like her gorgeous webcomic, Cucumber Quest!

But, upon realizing halfway into recording that this was the finale for the P4 comic dub, I did something special~

xP Yep, those were a lot of takes I recorded and had to pick the best few out of to send to Sapphire, who picked the best one to use in the final product.

But yo... Didja know that Sapphire has more plans up her sleeve~? You'll be hearing more super sexy mixing and obnoxious voice acting soon enough in the future~

Voice Acting: Stuff in the Works

You know what I'm excited about? During my Spring Break (YES, I'M STILL RIDICULOUSLY BUSY DURING MY SPRING BREAK MY GAWD), I went into the studio and recorded for my bestest best friend in the whole wide world's thesis~ I play the supporting character, who's not in the trailer but is awesome nonetheless~ WANNA SEE THE TRAILER AGAIN!?

She's working really hard on it and aims to submit it to festivals before finally putting it on Newgrounds (she might get disqualified if she puts it here first, so that's why NG gets it last). Cross your fingers for her!

Errrmmm... I owe lines for 2 indie games (BY PHENOMENAL PEOPLE WITH PHENOMENAL ARTISTS ON THEIR TEAMS), a HIGH profile website, and other smaller (but no less significant) projects. I have... 3 days left of Spring "Break". Don't I have less than 2 months left 'til graduation? Didn't I say that 2 weeks ago...? SHEESH!! THE WORK!! IT'S SWALLOWING ME!!

Posted by Hnilmik - March 25th, 2011

If only walking around in radioactive rain gave you superpowers instead of making your hair fall out. But I digress.

Last week was a Spring Break for one of the colleges I go to. The week after next week is Spring Break for the university I go to, where the bulk of my assignments come from. Namely Advanced Screenwriting, Comedic Writing, and Camera Acting. World Geography is time consuming too, but I've been on top of it despite questions like these...

"Why is the region of Southwest Asia and North Africa considered a culture hearth?":
a. It was an early center for agriculture.
b. A and C above
c. A, B, and C above
d. It was the center for three major world religions.
e. It was an early center for several great civilizations.

The answer is "all of the above" ("C").

But anyways, with roughly 2 months or less left 'til graduation, that means I'm working on final projects, especially screenplays. For Comedic Writing, I'm working on a 30-40 minute screenplay featuring a superhero and a bunch of super villains. Now, here's the interesting thing... Theoretically, to write something phenomenal, you write a story only you can tell, your way, whatever you want, without any regard as to whether or not it's "commercial", of your own volition. "The story chooses you", in a way. If you don't want to write it, it just ain't your story.

I learned that I'm only "funny" (according to my professor, I'm a "B") when I'm over the top and get all "cartoony" with my writing. I'm not witty enough for sitcoms, but I have a knack for the quirky and ridiculous. I've always loved the idea of superpowers because of cartoons and mythology since I was a kid, so that's what my final screenplay for Comedic Writing is about (superpowers; comparative mythology-stuffs is in the screenplay for Advanced Screenwriting). Besides, I always wanted to abuse superpowers. But as I write this script, I can't shake this feeling...

Superhero movies are friggin' everywhere. For years now. In this day and age, it's unsurprising too--Impending Apocalypse = Zombies // Age of Hopelessness = Superheroes. They almost seem overdone, though. And sure, I have absolutely no plans on selling this screenplay (remember: despite being a screenwriting major, I don't want to be a screenwriter), but I can't help but think that IT'S BEEN DONE, SO WHAT'S THE POINT!? And to stop doing something you're genuinely interested in just because everyone else is doing it is... Well, sheep-ish. Reverse sheep-ish.

=/ I feel conflicted, basically. Do you think superhero stuffs is overdone?


Some people might've picked up at some point that I did years of written roleplaying before voice acting. Well, after years of not doing it, I began picking it up again to flex my writing muscles. Think of it as warm up before writing script pages and since I've had a LOT of trouble churning out pages under tight deadlines in the past, I'm happy to say that RPing actually helped. Once the creative juices got flowing, it was easier to keep them flowing and RPing is basically improv (and there're improv workshops/classes out there specifically for writers, if you know where to look; here's one I want to take when I get enough time to).

The RP I'm currently participating in is Paradigm Shift.

I've known quite a few of the RPers there for years and funnily enough, though the board looks "new", it actually has tons of history before it--It just got a timeskip/restart for new adventures for new and old characters~

To put the RP's setting into my words, there's this school where the country's best and brightest can volunteer to participate in this program to get and use superpowers. The program is technically an experiment and the dude running the joint wants to tap into everyone's potential and for them to use their powers for good. No, the "grown ups aren't bad guys", even though quite a few students may treat them as so. They really mean well. But they're surrounded by folks (that especially means us) who aren't only struggling with their powers and other "student stuffs" (LIKE EACH OTHER), but the likes of mindraping side-effects and... WELL, ROGUE SUPERPOWERED MANIACS LIKE ME.

see, tolja i like abusing superpowers /fark year super villain using cartoon physics as a super power

So yeah, RPing has been good mental/writing exercise for this final-ish stretch before graduation. I like how I'm not taking half an hour to write a post like I used to, so don't worry about it eating my life when I have hundreds of other things to do. I'm pacing myself in the RPing department so it helps me get my screenwriting done faster and the faster my screenwriting gets done, the faster art-ing and voice acting gets done.

Here's the setting according to the advertising-thingy:

Once Upon a Time in Southern California...

About five years ago there was a school in the suburbs of San Diego filled with various dark secrets. The most important of which was called MAPP. There are few people who know it's meaning, but many who know its results. The project was tested on a number of students at the school and were eventually caught and prosecuted for their crimes. The Government has reanalyzed, reworked, and has now approved MAPP for a second coming. Under the supervision of Director Scott and the Paradigm Academy students from various corners of the globe are being invited to join one of the newest most prestigious schools in the world.

Once you enter Paradigm Academy you are given the great privilege of a special serum. The mixture of these chemicals and the developing human body create something astounding. Every student who was given the MAPP serum has developed a special power. Each one is different from the last with the MAPP program seeming to have no limit to human mutation, and perhaps evolution.

Take a step into the confines of Paradigm Academy. Become a part of the MAPP project that will no doubt lead to some of the most epic RP experiences. Join us here at Paradigm Shift and unleash the power that lies dormant in you.

Paradigm Shift

LAWL, ONCE UPON A TIME, YEARS, BOARDS, AND ARCS AGO, THIS WAS A XIN RPB. XIN INTRODUCED ME TO NEWGROUNDS LOLOLOLOLOL~ but this RP doesn't run on the Corporal Punishment system, so fuggedaboudat

back to the radioactive rain thing--what super powers would you want?