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Hnilmik's News

Posted by Hnilmik - September 1st, 2009

Okay, fine, I know it's September already, but last year I hit my personal record of most completed projects being released in a single month (9 projects in December) and I just hit it again last month (9 projects in August). So close! I almost hit 10 with the release of Blizzconned (Front Page'd~), but eh, whatcha gonna do when you have a personal goal of at least 2 released completed projects a month this year?

I'm pretty happy that Legacy of Pliskin Part 3.1 got released too~ First game project I've ever voiced for and trust me, I'm more of a casual gamer than an anime fan~ So jazzed~

A fandub I'm in also got released~ Why am I jazzed about this one then? 'Cause it's my first real role in one! And that's a pretty big thing for me 'cause I hardly/never get cast in fandubs since I don't sound like an anime character 90% of the time.

/* */
And look what got recognition on the VG Cats page~?

(I'm Jubilee in this one. I'm pretty hard to miss...)

/* */
(I bet you can't tell which characters I am~)

/* */
...And my AVA demo again 'cause I still didn't finish my professional one yet. Blagh.

Hnilmik's AVA Character Demo '09

Me and my goals... If I want to hit the ground running this month, I oughta win the Pirate Voice Acting Contest, huh? And cross my fingers that my entry is animate-able? Sounds like a plan. I gonna start rearranging my schedule...

(Oh. Sloppy newspost 'cause I'm in university right now... In class even, where my field trips consist of visiting tapings of shows and such. Why? Film/Television Major, Broadcast Journalism Minor means less recording time for projects no matter how much I want to voice for insanely awesome flashes. Sadness... But hopefully things'll settle down soon.)

Posted by Hnilmik - August 4th, 2009

Hnilmik's AVA Character Demo '09

...So at 4 AM, after 2 hours of tossing and turning, I thought: "Could I make a demo using everything I already recorded for finished projects, auditions, and practice?" 3 hours later, this was made.

Is this a fitting representation of my acting/vocal range and my strengths? I can't be the judge of that. Alright mixing? Hell no. I hate my mixing. Will this be my "official" demo to show to potential employers? Are you kidding me? Overall, it's SOMETHING so I can finally stop stressing out (and losing even more sleep--Before you ask, no, I didn't sleep). You bet that I'm gonna keep working on a more presentable demo. Hopefully it'll be done before school starts.

AVA = Amateur Voice Acting... Or "Aspiring" if you want to be optimistic.

At least I can show a fraction of my range without relying on the Brawl Range Reel now.

Oh. And why didn't I upload this onto the Audio Portal? 'Cause I'm going to have a better character demo soon anyways... Whenever that may be.

Posted by Hnilmik - July 8th, 2009

As some may know, I attended Anime Expo 2009 and participated in the Voice Acting Auditions for AX Idol. I didn't make it into finals, but despite the mistakes I made in my performance, it definitely pleased the judges enough to put a few seconds of me into a montage featuring the tough competition! 130-something-ish-maybe competitors!

/* */
[02:32] - The Team Fortress 2 BLU Scout, sans hat and headset, squirming about saying "Honestly, pull yourself together already!" is me~

...No, that's not my natural speaking voice.
...Yes, I'm tiny, skinny, and androgynous enough to be a scout. Shush.

But hey, it's cosplay, so why not run around Anime Expo with RubberNinja as a RED Sniper? He's one friggin' fast sniper though... He outran me and practically everyone else when all the TF2 cosplayers charged through the halls and scared the bejeezus out of the other cosplayers.

Dig through TF2chan to check out the awesome TF2 cosplay pictures 'cause there're just too many great ones that were taken and I can't pick one! Note how I'm probably a RED scout in the front row for most of the pictures. My heart goes to BLU, but when autobalance breaks, it breaks.

Aside from my lifelong dream to be a TF2 scout in a project, I also wanna be a Bioshock splicer!

/* */
=P ...Yep. A Baby Jane Houdini Splicer was strutting her stuff in the name of Sander Cohen. Jack obviously wasn't impressed, so he shot her. Angered, she used her incinerate plasmids and accidentally enraged a Big Daddy and couldn't escape the Bouncer's drill.

...If only she used her teleportation powers like most other Houdini Splicers. It's a weird dream alright, uh-huh, but I wanna be a splicer.

Posted by Hnilmik - June 9th, 2009

...I'm obsessed with Team Fortress 2. I might not be the best player ever, especially on the PC, but by golly I've been obsessed with TF2 for the longest while now 'cause it's such a funny game. If you don't know what it is, marathon all the "Meet the Team" videos that're out and just listen to all the voice clips of the classes on YouTube. I'd LOVE to be in a TF2 flash or machinima someday... Especially as a scout.

(If I work on my announcer voice enough, we might be seeing a "Meet the Spy" light board turned sound board sometime, eh?)

One afternoon, in the middle of casting/live directing one of my voice acting friends, I listened to his canon TF2 spy impression and I pushed him into making this since another friend of mine (and I) frequent TF2chan and we just HAD to hear it happen. Antfish is awesome for putting it together all in one sitting.

/* */
...And the rest was history, especially once it hit gaming blogs like Kotaku and Destructoid. I can now say that a LOT of people heard me say "TAKE ME NOW~!" at this point.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to catch up on much needed rest since I've been busy catching up on voice work (I'm almost on a new batch of projects which fortunately feature flash stuffs), working on personal projects (somewhere on my YouTube channel you can hear me say "I'll take my shirt off for 20 dollars" in Chinglish), and other things (keeping in touch with friends and still working on a formal demo). Tomorrow I'll be heading into a studio to work on my skills and networking on the professional end. A lot of what I've been doing have been fueled by luck and supplemented by moderate doses of ability, so let's see this become a gradual recipe for success, eh?

Posted by Hnilmik - May 7th, 2009

One More Brawl Taunts
Front Page - 05/07/2009
Daily 4th Place - 05/08/2009

I'm Toad and the Girly Jigglypuff~

::throws up into a corner::

"Two Minutes of Terror: The Watcher" got released~ I'm not in it, but it's better than the first in my opinion and I have other reasons why I'm looking forward to the next episode~

Summer is almost here. Summer means getting out of town. Getting out of town to conventions like Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con (IF I HAD THE MONEY TO GET TICKETS). This year I aim to participate in the voice acting contest, AX Idol, and until I find a better monologue to perform, this is my placeholder~

/* */
-_-+ You have no idea how hard it is to find interesting monologues from anime to perform... Especially for females. This is the current best I can find since it's not within my "usual" range and it's just fun as hell to perform... But it's from a video game.

Some well-wishing would be nice~ If you're feeling charitable, recommendations would be more awesome. Who are your favorite female anime characters and why? Have there been any significant moments featuring them that sticks out in your mind?

Posted by Hnilmik - April 4th, 2009

Let's see if I can say all this without being all BAWWW; I'm still alive.

However, I'm extremely behind in... Well, practically everything, ranging from college work to voice work. Meaning, I'm turning down a lot of incoming offers so I can work on stuff I already agreed to whenever I get the chance. It's quite a list to clear up since I do want to try out for LOTS of awesome stuff (flash especially), but fortunately, the folks who can stand waiting should be able to get the best I can give once I get back to voice acting "more actively".

In a nutshell? Good things come to those who wait. I practice every chance I get 'cause I only began acting PERIOD (and voice acting at that) last year. I'm a fast learner, sure, but I learn from persistence. I'm pretty damned serious about going pro with voice acting (though it sometimes doesn't seem like it), so every once in a while... I record something like the following to keep spirits up. I'm not the only one going through tough times right now with the economy messing everything up, so I figured it never hurts to encourage others too.

/* */
On a lighter note, some cool things I'm in got released during my malaise of bad time management~ Sure, they're more roles featuring my natural speaking voice (since people seem to like that voice the most), but I'm not complaining when the productions are awesome~

Smashtasm S2E02 got released the same week as LEFT4LOL. I'll just say that Smashtasm is such a huge thing in the Brawl machinima world that combined with LEFT4LOL, I got more recognition than I could handle (especially since I get typecast as Zelda/Sheik on a regular basis). This episode was fun and yush, Omahdon and D-Mac with their awesome sauce are in this too~

/* */
=P Guess who I am in Captain Courtroom? I love Franziska von Karma to bits and I worried that a swarm of Phoenix Wright fans will brick my windows at the sound of my singing(?) 'cause I'm always concerned about sounding like the characters I'm cast as. That worry dissipated when I checked the original sound file for Franziska~

/* */
(...What the hell did I just type?)

Posted by Hnilmik - February 13th, 2009


Sweetness~ I voiced for Zoey and was looking forward to this being released all week 'cause I had SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun recording for it~ A couple of friends in the cast were the same way~

It got Daily Feature (02/13/09) and people are hoping for a front page too, which is pretty neato~
[EDIT 1]: Front Paged 2/14/09
[EDIT 2]: Weekly 3rd Place 2/18/09
[EDIT 3]: 4th Best of All Time 2/22/09

I like being entertained. Since I'm not an animator (and I don't try TOO hard to find something I don't like), I'm not one to start concocting conspiracy theories when stuff doesn't conform to my expectations. Meeting them or exceeding them is top marks, but I overall take things as they are and happen to like being pleasantly surprised. If I do happen to notice stuff to start off my nit-picky side (like sound quality and how to make something look better), I'll point them out for the sake of constructive criticism. Flying off the handle 'cause it's like or not like so-and-so? Best save the braincells for something more productive.

Me, I'm beginning to think that people are kinda type-casting me by my natural voice (which ain't as cute, sexy, or even as feminine as most great VA's I know who are getting around). My voice is just deeper than usual and somewhat obnoxious--Which is great for several things, but not everything. Good thing I'm working on my range~

/* */
...I really, REALLY need to sit down and put together a proper demo reel. My range likely expanded even more since this video (November 2008).

::twiddles thumbs for some other cool projects to be released::

Posted by Hnilmik - January 11th, 2009

Ah, 2009. 2008 was a busy first year of VAing and I have to say, 27 roles ain't bad for someone starting out. Lots of radioplay extra characters, lots of flashes where my head got obliterated, lots of Brawl machinimas where I star as Zelda... College will be starting tomorrow and that means I'll be needing a new approach to this voice acting thing. Will be needing more time and more cool stuff to try out for, to be specific.

/* */
The first released project I'm in this year? Shippiddge's "Quite a Lot - The Crate" short as Peach. I'm also a main character who'll be making her appearance in the next Smashtasm episode (which won't be out until it's out). Looking forward to the release since Omahdon (Grant and Gront) and D-Mac (Narrator) cracked me up so much in the last episode and the shorts~

Posted by Hnilmik - July 31st, 2008

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