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Hnilmik's News

Posted by Hnilmik - March 16th, 2010

=P I'm currently enrolled at CSUN, not UC Davis, if anyone was wondering.

RE: (SEMI) Professional Pursuits - Demo Progress

Oh hay hai. I'm swamped with requests right now, so I won't be accepting any new roles until I finish recording for the ones I already have. Capische?

For the curious who've never heard me before and don't feel like digging through links, here's my obligatory voice-sample-stuffs~

Obligatory sampler-thingy.

/* */
Art Hunt


RE: Protest Against Budget Cuts on Higher Education

For those who've actually read my last post/comment regarding the protest and my strong thoughts towards how educational funding is handled, I will say that I took the trouble to figure out how to solve the problem beyond just rallying. Since I don't want to be lump-summed with the sheeple, I actually decided to "edumakate" myself and figure out what else can I do. Sure, holding my vote for ransom is "nice", but problems can only be solved if they're articulated clearly enough to the representatives I'm bugging.

(My plan was to vote for AB 656, which taxes oil and gives that funding to higher education since CA is the only state extracting oil without a tax.)

See, my good ol' lawyer friend is much more politically minded and level headed than I am. So the moment he saw me getting worked up at how much my education has been screwed over for almost my entire life, he pulled up the proposed budget summary for the coming year in California. In a nutshell, around 40% of the state's budget goes into public education... Which is A LOT! Even more than most other states! And it got us thinking...

What budget cuts? Trust me, we ARE feeling the hurt--Universities are being affected by the economy... Tuition was up 17% this semester and it's going to rise 32% this fall. Lots of teachers have been laid off. Me and my siblings have been taught more by substitute teachers than teachers in some of our K-12 years, especially my little brother now (he claims a sub knows more about algebra than his real algebra teacher; I was once taught American history by a basketball coach teaching by the textbook--don't even mention HUGE class sizes). Art, Music, and PE classes are being cut too. If a LOT of money is already going into education (and even a bit more will be added down the road), why does California have the 7th to last WORST education in the US? And why do we have to pay more for less? It just doesn't add up.

My lawyer friend brought up the possibility of there being too many students in schools. Possible, but not a nice thought. It got me wondering why the gov't bothered to mention that CA's prisons were overflowing to the point that they needed to ship prisoners to other states, but not say a thing about our schools if that was the case. There was only a few other possibilities... Like how the money is being spent. On the two college campuses I've learned on, I've been seeing lots of construction on new buildings. Okay, so at least there'll be more classrooms, but there's been more smartboards and other fancy things showing up on campuses while teachers are getting pink slips. Hmm...

Something to consider: Conveniences being mistaken for effectives means of education. It's like saying "I have a fancy mic, therefore I'm a GREAT VOIZ AKTERS" or "I have a Cintiq, therefore I'm a GR8 ANIMATORZ". A n00b will still be a n00b, even if they have the fanciest tools, if they don't know how to use 'em.

Ultimately, protesting does send a powerful message about what problems there are to deal with, but "throw money at it" isn't going to solve our problems. The REAL way to solve this educational funding problem is having the folks in charge of the cash USE IT MORE DIFFERENTLY/INTELLIGENTLY. That's the solution in the broadest sense, anyways.

Can we start with money being spent on training smarter, better teachers or something? No Child Left Behind (cut funding from underperforming schools) was handled pretty stupidly in spite of the good intent (which was to standardize a certain amount of knowledge).

Posted by Hnilmik - March 7th, 2010

RE: (SEMI) Professional Pursuits - Demo Progress

Oh hay hai. I'm swamped with requests right now, so I won't be accepting any new roles until I finish recording for the ones I already have. Capische?

As for my demo... Yeah. I need to finish a bunch of projects before I can work on my demo some more. I will say that I recently got some permission to use from cool music by SHADOWFOX2 though, as I'm trying to avoid copyrighted and cliched music for me awesome-sauce demo-to-be. His stuff is amaaaazzziinnnggg~

Obligatory sampler-thingy.

/* */
Neato Fan-Stuffs

Whoooaaaa... I got fandubbed into German (VERY well for Blizzconned, may I add)...

/* */

/* */
And into Spanish...

/* */
Coo'. Now I want a remix... Like a YTPMV.

Art Hunt

I wonder who else can I commission...

Protest Against Budget Cuts on Higher Education

/* */
Several more videos with a LOT of footage can be found on my YouTube.

Wanna see my thoughts regarding the nationwide "Day of Action" on March 4th? Check the comments 'cause I had a LOT to say and didn't want to make this blog post TOO tl;dr.

Posted by Hnilmik - February 11th, 2010

Latest NG Role(s)

Geena in The University: E1 p1! [Daily 5th and Front Page for a bit!]
Tek in Flintlock: E1 p1! [Daily 6th, which doesn't really count per se, but yay!]

And wow, today [February 13th] is the anniversary of LEFT4LOL's Daily 1st in 2009...

RE: (SEMI) Professional Pursuits - Demo Progress

/* */
Obligatory sampler-thingy.

Being sick SUCKS. I've been sick for about 2 weeks now and I'm behind on recording. I wanna audition for Sapphire's Sexy Sound Project 'cause I know she's gonna make my demo sound good, should I be included on her list... The lazy person's way out would be to send in my crap demo and links to projects I voiced for, but she's a good friend of mine and I wanna give her the kind of effort she'd give back to me. Crossing my fingers to get unsick REALLY soon.

RE: (SEMI) Professional Pursuits - Climbing My Way Up!

@@; I HATE namedropping. It's the most abhorrent habit ever to me, but I don't mind pumping names since it's essentially promoting the works of others and, well, I'm pumping folks I'm working with! You can't deny that I've been getting around, mostly on my own and through auditions. That said, I'll be using this statement to segue into--


Yeah, the game Egoraptor is working on, but it's not so much the potential popularity factor that's exciting me... Good golly, Ego went to EXTREME lengths to direct me in person when I recorded Osma's lines at his house and I feel it's probably the best performance I've done YET! THAT'S what's making me excited! He's a great director~ I learned a LOT! Tomamoto was also very supportive! Afro-Ninja gets a name pump for the hard work too. I got to see some of the animations and pieces of the game work and sketches and and and adssfghgfjsdhaa

I'll ramble more about Puzzmosis when it's released. No leaks from me! HAHA!

And another reason why I'm talking about my voice acting "popularity progress" (ugh, that was disgusting to type out) is... Kinda weird. "Overlooked But Overheard", that's what I am, right? Especially since I've been actively doing this for 2 years (My "anniversary" is February 21st; starting year 3 soon). Well, since that I'm appearing in more and more popular work (typically with little foresight--you never know when something'll become popular, especially with up-and-coming producers), I'm actually getting recognized now. The interesting thing is... I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. Wow, I'm actually getting noticed for once? Neat! It feels nice to have your work recognized! Woohoo! And fewer people are misspelling my name too (just fewer, there're still name-misspellers out there, but I'm not gonna complain)!

What gets to me, however, is... Um... How do I put it... "Uh, I've always been here. NOW you notice me? After being so rude to me?" Yeeeeeaaaahh... Awkward. I don't just mean "popular" people, but my peers who I'm in relatively close contact with--I see 'em on forums, IMing devices, and Facebook. Sure, I suck at initiating conversations (it's a bad habit), but I hate being used. It peeves me when people ask me for networking opportunities and connections when they've never talked to me or taken me seriously. It especially peeves me when they get uncomfortably friendly with me too... It's in the same vein as namedropping. I'm generally friendly and helpful, but I have limits too.

I'm VERY used to people disliking me. Every time I do something, I expect the possibility of being flamed so I can take it with grace. I'm getting the hang of accepting compliments, but it's still new to me and I just dunno what to make of 'em sometimes. Ah well. Friends who've always been friends with me will still always be in my heart and I'm willing to make new friends~

-_-+ ...Under the condition that I'm not their fookin' doormat. /ramble

Art Hunt

The gallery didn't grow TOO much, but you know, it's mostly 'cause the artists are busy with school and life right now~ Good for them with their priorities!

I'm TEMPTED to start a gallery of all the (preferably original) characters I voiced for... You know that character composite collage thing I'm using for my NG picture? There's only so much room inside that box. I've been making it a habit to collect/cut out artwork of a bunch of characters (like an obsessive freak) to show folks "Hey, your speakers may be broken and your headphones might be missing, but look at all the different characters I voice for!" Much like my me-art collection, the characters-I-voiced-for collection is growing too.

It's corny, it's cheesy, and it's dorky, but hey, at least I know so~!

Lots of artists have been very nice in providing me .png's to save me the trouble of cutting up screenshots~ Mucho appreciation from me~<3

O_O; Now, since the characters may sometimes be the artist's representation of a pre-existing character (like parodies)... I include them too, but I wonder... Would it be too crazy of me to collect fanart of original characters I voiced for as well? Maaaaaaybe.

Posted by Hnilmik - January 29th, 2010

RE: Professional Pursuits - Internships

University is trying to kill me. More than usual. I won't be accepting too many roles for a while until things are sorted out. Those things aside, I've been internship hunting and it just occurred to me that despite my screenwriting major and my ability to do coverage alright, all that will be ignored on my resume and the interview itself if I so much as mention anything about voice acting. Why?

Imagine: Being a douche and interning JUST to "make connections" and "use a back door" to do voices. That shit doesn't fly.

So... Looks like I'll be needing to rethink how to approach these internships. One studio called me back, but likely won't after learning that I'm a voiceover. I'll keep my voice acting identity on the down-low from now on, like my friends who managed to intern at Cartoon Network. Trust me, the interviewer found that they did voice acting and my friends were lucky they made it in by saying that they weren't interested in doing any of that at CN.

(CN is union, so they wouldn't be able to touch stuff like that anyhow. Me too.)

RE: Professional Pursuits - Voice Acting

/* */
Like hell anyone was gonna click on a link to listen to my defunct AVA 2009 demo anyhow, so I slapped together a bunch of clips of roles I've played... Including roles I'll betcha anything that you didn't know it was me at the time. I'm very fortunate to find folks who ripped flashes from NG to upload on YouTube for me to in turn rip from and use for this reel. I feel a bit guilty, but mostly fortunate since the flash roles are more fun and I couldn't figure out how to convert all that quality from .swf itself into a cut-up-able format anyhow.

It's funny how I keep talking about professional pursuits and keep posting all the Internet stuff! Don't worry, I'm just showing you guys my progress, like the Wooshii.com commercial, talking about the indie games I'm working on--Y'know, if I get cast for an iPhone game I auditioned for, I'll show you guys that when the developers decide to release more videos. I'm working my way up, yo, 'cause the majority of my cooler roles were obtained through auditions more than scouting.

(Few pump my name, but I don't mind too much since it feels good to earn the roles you worked to deserve!)

I auditioned live for Chi-Chi in Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z abridged, for instance.
(Though, I will admit that I thank Antfish for the opportunity 'cause I really am not popular--I just work hard and get around a lot!)

/* */
I like how the more I work with producers who are REALLY good, the better I get since they push my limits and you KNOW for SURE that they're gonna go pro someday (or ARE pro). Can't wait 'til I can actually say who I'm working with~

Art Hunt

The collection grows gradually...

And people are suggesting that I market myself as a crazy person. Hmmmmmm... Okay, that sure beats out the "FFFFFFFFFFFF--!" choice. I'm more of a wannabe gangsta than a real one (I'm even cast as a wannabe gangsta in an indie game!), but I like vibe of confidence and taking charge... I'm tempted to pitch the idea of "dominant" as the word to use (for bossy-ness), but that'll give people weird ideas.

Posted by Hnilmik - January 19th, 2010

Less Quantity, More Quality

With my released-projects-per-month quota gone, I can focus on projects that demand more of my attention. I'm way too scatterbrained to take in the number of roles I used to work on at a time like previous years... Trust me, I had to be working on a LOT of projects to "coincidentally" get 1-2 projects released a month.

I finished lines for a LOT of projects during winter break that I owed for a long while and I'm working on a just a handful of projects right now... And those projects require a lot of dedication to complete (several games, one of which paying), so I'll have to turn down even more roles and opportunities until I get those done. I wanna talk about some of them, but I can't for now~

RE: Professional Pursuits - Finances

HAHAHAHA NG's revenue system is funny~ I get paid very VERY little (10% or less; I'm at $3.43 as of this post), which is understandable since animators put in so much more than I do, but I always appreciate whatever share I can get, especially from the really nice producers~ I don't charge money for my voice acting services (the most I want is respect, like space and time for me to get things done), but it's nice to get some support every so often. Friends and supporters (or fans, if you must call them that) have helped me by providing me better programs, or at least some funding to get them ($50-ish), so my recordings can be even higher quality (LESS PEAKING, YAY). Good feedback from those with sharp ears helped me give my sound quality an insane overhaul, as I put together a portable booth ($30) to eliminate the echo caused from bad room acoustics whenever I do screaming lines.

I'm saving up to take all kinds of voice acting classes and consultations. I took a few during my winter break (total: $445-ish; this is actually cheap compared to classes taught by higher-end voiceovers), thanks to the money I saved up from my birthday and Christmas. I plan on making time to write up scholarships for my university to save money on books and tuition. The money I'll be getting from some paying projects will also be used for more classes.

I'm eternally grateful for all the help and support I'm getting. I can't thank everyone enough, so the least I can do is make the most of what little I earn!

RE: Professional Pursuits - Voice Acting

No obligatory link to my 2009 AVA Demo this time. If you wanna check it out, it's in my earlier posts, but I feel it's definitely obsolete right now. My sound quality overhaul is so vast that it's almost nothing like the only demo I have (which I threw together in 4 hours during the summer) since, for one, the quality is just better, and for another, fewer technical limitations allow me to do even more with my performances.

My vocal and acting range just keeps improving and the reason why my new demo STILL isn't done yet, even after working on it for 4-5 weeks, is because I want it done right. I keep getting the samples/performances checked by my peers and mentors with professional experience to know for sure if they can get me booked or not and each time they find something that's not gonna work (in spite of my vocal-acting range), I end up making great improvements in my skills until it does. I just keep learning instead of growing stagnant and complacent. I'm very active about getting feedback instead of waiting for it, as I DO have 5 more professional peers and mentors I'm gonna have check out my demo before sending it to agencies.

I'm hardcore, yo.

Meanwhile, if I ever mention myself being subpar or less awesome than any other voiceover, it's primarily out of admiration and a sense of realistic self-assessment than low self-esteem. I always have room for improvement and the fact of the matter is I'm very much overlooked despite being overheard relatively often enough. Folks who take Internet recognition too seriously are missing out on just enjoying the company of their talented peers and the excitement that comes from taking on skilled competitors. It can be a downer whenever you're beat or whenever you can't stand someone, but things'll get better soon enough once you get over it.

Art Hunt

My collection just keeps growing... 'Cause I keep on collecting art.

One important thing I learned about using art to promote oneself is to properly "brand" yourself. If you have a sexy voice that can be used to advertise shampoo, chocolates, and scented candles, have shampoo bottles, boxes of chocolate, and candles on your business card, demo CD case, and website. Most of my cute characters get harmed in some way (comic relief through violence) and not all my older characters sell (I can sound older, but that's different from having the right vibe). However, more insane, high-energy characters are up my alley-Tell me to die violently with a spine-tingling death or go spastic and I can get those lines done no problemo (should time permit; one time I terrified my family doing death screams, so I try to record them when they're not around as much) and apparently, bossy or sarcastic characters are my thing too.

So... I wonder how am I supposed to portray my strengths?
Have a picture of me making a "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF--" face with overwhelming, restrained rage?
Or have a picture of me in a straitjacket, fighting off men in white?

Posted by Hnilmik - December 22nd, 2009

Organization! OOooOoOOoohh~!

Latest NG Roles

Cammy in Street Fighter Club!
Tek in A Very Confused Christmas!
Both of the Girls in Santa's Job!

(Haha... 2 British characters...)

Released Projects Goal - Crazy Workaholic-ness

If I count professional-ish stuff, a bunch of personal goals regarding released projects have been fulfilled this month, like hitting the 80 completed projects mark and making the 2-released-projects-a-month quota. The moment finals ended for me, I worked on Christmas specials, school projects, and half-finished lines I've owed for months. I kid you not, I got around 12 projects done in a few days.

...And I still have more lines to work on! But hey, now that my quota is complete and it's been proven that I'm quite capable of meeting whatever goal I set for myself, all I have to do is wrap things up so I can focus my efforts on more professional pursuits.

RE: Professional Pursuits - Voice Acting


This demo may become obsolete once I start cracking on my professional character demo (like I should) and have it pretty-mixed up to industry standard by one of my talented friends. I already commissioned Rina-chan to mix it since summer (trust me, she mixed awesome demos for herself and Princess Aurora, so don't doubt her mixing skills)... But of course, if she spontaneously combusts or something, I'd definitely turn to Y. Chang (if he isn't too busy being awesome with his amazing singing), Sapphire (if she really feels like it since she likely gets bugged by demo-mixing requests all the time), Omahdon (if he isn't swamped by other amazing projects to mix), and/or Antfish (if he's not swamped with college and other awesome projects he's putting together) to make my demo sound good.

RE: Professional Pursuits - Interning at Studio(s)

As for my internship quest? I got a bunch of callbacks from a studio expressing interest in me interning for them, which is good (I know for a fact that they let their interns provide additional voices for anime if the project is non-union; I've voiced with their interns before), but I had to turn down the offer in the end. The studio is willing to wait for when I'm ready to help them though, so I'll be keeping in touch~

XD Networking is cool.

Art Hunt

If anyone remembers my goal of commissioning a ton of artists to draw me-art so I can use to promote myself, I have a small gallery of what I have so far~ Lots of pretty art~ I have to say though, I've become quite an art whore. I couldn't help it. I love collecting crap. If I ever muster up the courage/audacity to ask talented artists on NG to do art for me for free (ACK), you've been warned.

Posted by Hnilmik - December 12th, 2009

I voiced for Nathaniel Milburn's Wooshii.com promo ad and it was released today! On my birthday too! Such happiness~

/* */
I gotta say, I thought this would be a depressing birthday since I'm behind on my studies for my finals (and voicing for projects since registration issues came up), but everyone was awfully nice today with their gifts, kind words, and well-wishing. Thank you all very much!

As I mentioned, bad things came up in registration due to bad planning and the economy's effect on universities, but as someone who makes the most of things, I managed to figure out a way to intern for a studio or two (likely animation and post-production studios) for college credit and scholarships. Meaning, my bachelor's degree will take a bit longer to get, but pursuing a master's won't take as long if I play my cards right.

Wish me luck!

Anyways, I'm still incredibly swamped (sorry for not responding to comments and PM's!)... But rest assured, I'll try to get my lines done as soon as I finish finals this coming week, before Christmas so you guys have time to incorporate them into your flashes.

@@; (Too many talented animators and game designer people on NG... If you see me floating around, wanting to try out for other people's stuff, just remember that I'm bad at saying no to neat things like that.)

Hnilmik's AVA Character Demo 2009

Posted by Hnilmik - December 3rd, 2009

I have finals for the next 2 weeks or so, so if I'm taking a while to respond or send my audition lines out of interest for your project, that's why.

(I'm really bad at saying "No" to scouting offers...)

Usually I'd voice for things in secret to keep sane, but some of the folks I agreed to voice for (before finals) have some tight deadlines* I had to meet for their projects to work out. Not to mention I have classmates who are working on their student project who want my voice too.

So if you're willing to wait, say, 'til mid-December for me to iron out some details, that'd be much appreciated. There's a good chance that my abilities will be even better then!

Hnilmik's AVA Character Demo 2009

If you're on a tight schedule too, don't let me hold you back! If you need some other female talent to replace me but don't know where to look, I most certainly know a bunch of other girls you can check out who voice for flash (and some actually want to voice specifically for more flash stuff) and MAY be more available than I am. Well, the ones who are already out of school.

Here are some folks who I know personally and have worked with before. In other words, they each have their own unique strengths and can work with producers who respect the time and effort they put into their works. Added bonus: They can act and take direction.

Be sure to drop them an email since they might not use their PM's too much. Closer to the top of the list are folks who are already out of school (but may be busy IRL).

Francine Louise
Cerise Panda

See you guys in a few weeks!

* I'm currently working on like 3 indie games and 1-2 projects I can't really talk about (yet), so that ought to give you guys an idea of what I mean by tight deadlines during finals. I even have 2 flashes with deadlines this weekend!

Random Tidbit of the Moment: My birthday is December 12th~

Posted by Hnilmik - November 16th, 2009

The Charlie Brown Murders got released~ I voiced for Lucy! IMMENSE HAPPINESS.
[EDIT]: Daily 2nd and Front Paged! (Nov 17th, 2009)
[EDIT2]: Weekly 4th!
[EDIT3]: 33rd Best of All Time! (Nov 23, 2009)


You know how I have a ton of (stupid) personal goals that I want to achieve while achieving more longterm goals (like voicing for a Wrench Wench, for instance) ? One of those goals is to voice for more "feature"-like animations, like hand drawn stuff. I have nothing against tweening, especially when it's done right and well (I "grew up" on the Internet around those kinds of flashes and there's stuff like that on TV nowadays; I ain't a hoity toity purist), but golly, who doesn't want to voice for animations high quality and detailed enough to be seen on TV or as their own movie!

Hm. I guess this goal is harder to explain than I thought.
[EDIT]: I just learned that the term is... FBF or frame-by-frame, right?

Well, I do know for sure that the opportunity to voice for such awesome stuff doesn't come by often. Uber animators don't usually hold auditions for their stuff and if I'm correct, they're more likely to cast people they know or at the very least, cast voiceovers who market themselves directly to them-I tend to be very indirect due to questionable availability and I'm shy to a fault, preferring to be polite and mindful of personal space as opposed to pushy or overly presumptuous.

Hnilmik's AVA Character Demo 2009

Since their animations are so high quality, they take a long while before they're released too (unless the animator has a team or is a super animating machine). There are like 3 other "feature" animations I have roles in, but they're still being animated (tentative release dates are sometime next year) and I got the roles during the summer, or mid-fall in a case or two.

I'm soooooo excited for Hans Van Harken's "The T" animation~

(May I add that I always wanted to voice for a character with a drawn out death sequence? As in, not an instantaneous death? And at the hands of the person he/she likes? Yep, my silly personal goals get THAT creepy-specific. I'm still waiting for the chance to voice for a homicidal, maniacal murderess.)

Anyhow, I'm sure I'll be voicing for more amazing "feature" animations in the near future, especially once my quota-thing is out of the way so I can more actively pursue quality work over the quantity of work. I know for sure that I tend to put student animations high on my voicing priorities. I managed to get on the good side of several indie game developers lately too, so I'll let you guys know when I can talk about their projects.

=P As for interning, I did manage to get ties to a LOT of animation studios, as I said I would. Odds are that you're not gonna hear me in Disney, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, or Dreamworks things anytime soon, but if I'm gonna have a round-a-bout way of breaking in, that way will allow me to learn all kinds of stuff before I get to my goal~

Yay for detours!

Another boy role (Toon Link). Harharhar, meeting my voicing quota...

/* */

Posted by Hnilmik - October 13th, 2009

Two Minutes of Terror EP3 got released today~

[EDIT 10/30] Front Page Feature - I actually didn't expect that; A link and a button, perhaps, BUT A BANNER?! HUH.[/EDIT]

And coincidentally, on the same day Resident Evil SARS PT 3 got released, another project I voiced for a year ago-That chirpy, intentionally annoying Rebecca Chambers? Yeah, that's me. That project was the 14th project I voiced for. Two Minutes of Terror EP3 is my 68th. Whoooaaaa...

I also voice for the Sentry in this machinima, which was released very recently~

/* */
Hnilmik's AVA Character Demo 2009

Next year, I'm not gonna have a "project quota"--No more "must have 1-2 releases per month" craziness. Yeah, I've been at this for 2 years now and have voiced for a handful of professionally produced projects, which is not bad and even quicker than most, but... I take pride in being productive and would like to use that productivity in more professional pursuits.

Of course I'm still gonna voice for online projects (especially since a LOT of online projects are awesome), but it's about time I measured my progress more qualitatively than quantitatively.

Goals & Deadlines:
-- Have a professionally produced demo this winter (time limit: 2-3 months)
-- Have a better foot in the door in terms of voicing for professional projects BEFORE Anime Expo 2010 (time limit: 7-9 months)
-- Attend 3-4 different voice acting classes/workshops/consultations/what-h ave-you to further improve my skills

A glimpse of how I approach auditions and voicing for online projects in general...

/* */
FAQ: "How many/What classes have you taken?"
ANSWER: "Around 4 voice acting-centered classes, 2-3 acting classes, 2 speech classes, + all kinds of miscellaneous classes like writing and psychology classes to better get into the heads of the characters I play." (at the time the video was released)

-- PERHAPS intern at an animation studio next year; I can think of 2-3 places that accept them
-- Have a site to further promote my voice acting work
-- Commission a bunch of artists to produce awesome me-art so I can use to promote my work (site, business cards, banners...)

Many thanks to Muu-Muu for the artwork I'm currently using~

I'm in university right now. To meet these goals, I may unfortunately have to turn down or miss some great voice acting opportunities...

"Two Minutes of Terror EP3" & a Voice Actress with a Plan...