I voice for Ms. Fortune in Skullgirls!

2011-11-11 18:45:57 by Hnilmik


This is gonna be a long post 'cause I'll be sharing tons of stuff that piled up over the weeks...

What is Skullgirls?! - http://skullgirls.com/
Who is Ms. Fortune?! - http://skullgirls.com/characters/ms-fo rtune/

Some behind the scenes stuff on voice acting for Skullgirls! - http://skullgirls.com/2011/06/on-voice -acting/

For the lazy yet still curious folks: I auditioned from my home in southern California, they liked what I got (I was choking on stuff all day out of surprise when I was told that I was cast), and I drove out to record the real thing in the studio, where I got directed to scream, attack, and meow all over the place. Meowing was of course our favorite parts of the session and I hope to record more for her soon!

If you've read some of my older blog posts, you'll know VERY well how much of a fan I am of Alex Ahad's work (long before Skullgirls got under the gaming radar), so I'm REALLY happy to finally work with him on something! I'm also happy to be in a game of this much awesome-ness with my voice acting friends in the cast, with more to come!


Oh yeah, I provided additional voices for the first episode of the Secret Millionaires Club mini-series that aired on The Hub (in October)! You can baarreeellyy hear me say "MAGNIFICENT!" near the end of the fashion show scene~

Funny story: I found out on accident that it was going to air on TV while watching My Little Pony~

What else piled up?

Awesome stuff on Newgrounds like:
Jack's Halloween Treats - I voice for Chloe and all of the little kids in this~ I hope it places in the Halloween flash competition 'cause it's VERY cool!

Resident Evil Code: Pwanchi Part 2 - I voice for Ingrid Hunnigan~ Small part, but I always want to work on something Pwanchi because of the fun writing!

And, I helped a friend of mine, Jinberry, with her Sound Construction project for her Masters degree by voicing the mermaid in this adaptation of Emily Carroll's eerie comic, The Prince & The Sea!

Voicing with me are my friends Omahdon as the Narrator and Apatheria as the Prince! Be sure to watch this in glorious, HD FULLSCREEN! It better emulates the experience Emily Carroll was going for with her comic!

No, seriously, watch it in fullscreen. GOGOGOGOGO!!


Hear me once again as Chi-Chi in TeamFourStar's DBZ Abridged in the Lord Slug movie that premiered at Youmacon!

I think I got everything--NOEP.

I voice for Lyaazor in this Artists At The Ready 2 flash entry for round 3 by the talented PhiTuS! It's unfinished, but hey, for OCT's (which I've ALWAYS wanted to voice in), better something than nothing! Also in the cast is Omahdon once again! Seriously, I'd watch it JUST for him I've never seen kooky and suave pulled off simultaneously before jkdhskghjkl

AatR2 R3 Lancaster Turnpike Act 1
AatR2 R3 Lancaster Turnpike Act 2
AatR2 R3 Lancaster Turnpike Act 3

@@; For folks who don't believe how busy I am... There you go. Now if you'll excuse me, I still owe lines and I have more auditions to do!

Junk Drawer: Copy/Pasta Time

Formspring: I like answering questions, especially about voice acting! Mean questions just make me sad!
Tumblr: Where I scream at paper until the fibers surrender strange markings!

I voice for Ms. Fortune in Skullgirls!


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2011-11-11 18:49:29

why is everything moving
what is going on

Hnilmik responds:

why is her head rolling with the punches
omnomnomnomnom aaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!


2011-11-11 18:58:49

Skullgirls looks like an awesome game!

Hnilmik responds:

It IS an awesome game! I was mildly intimidated by the fact that it's a fighting game, but I've heard good things about how Skullgirls plans to make the game accessible to casual players without sacrificing the complexities for the competitively inclined!


2011-11-11 19:26:41


Hnilmik responds:



2011-11-11 19:57:39

I can't wait for Skullgirls!

Hnilmik responds:

I can't wait for it too!


2011-11-11 20:26:23


That's amazing!

Seriously, I've been following Skullgirls for a while now and the productions values are absolutely fantastic, so getting to voice a character for a game like this is massive accomplishment.

MAJOR kudos and MAJOR congratulations!

Hnilmik responds:




2011-11-11 20:27:40

Skullgirls has several Newgrounders confirming since two days ago Rtil is working as animator.

Hnilmik responds:

It's pretty AMAZING!! I'm VERY happy to be working with other skilled and talented folks I've admired for their works online, ESPECIALLY from Newgrounds 'cause I pretty much "grew up" here~!


2011-11-11 21:06:58

OMFG. Huge props to you! Skullgirls is amazing, you're amazing, this is just too awesome! Also, ponies. :D

Hnilmik responds:

%D ponies~<3


2011-11-11 21:21:27

i cant wait for the Skull Guys dlc hurr ;E

Hnilmik responds:

Everyone's campin' for Le Duc, Big Band, and Panzerfaust, just to name a few dudes~


2011-11-11 21:32:02

I was wondering who did the voice. You did an awesome job and you're the reason I'm using Ms. Fortune once the game comes out. Awesome job. ^__^

Hnilmik responds:

Awwww, thanks~! <3


2011-11-11 21:55:12

the game looks preety cool, i hope that it is free

(Updated ) Hnilmik responds:

For an independent studio aiming to go big with a game being distributed by Konami, they're spending quite a sum of money on marketing and promoting the game and other production costs... So, I don't think it'll be free.

They gotta make back the money somehow, but compared to most games, it should be fairly affordable! Especially once you consider how much most downloadable games are worth!

Current plans are for XBLA and PSN, Steam looks possible after that~


2011-11-11 22:34:16

Now I'm pretty sure every last newgrounder is somehow involved with this game..

Hnilmik responds:

Especially the ones keeping their eyes open~

http://revergelabs.com/2011/05/wa nt-to-work-on-skullgirls/

They seem full right now, but camp enough and the opportunity might open up again someday to get in on the action!


2011-11-11 23:21:02

Zounds, you've been keeping busy! First of all, massive congrats on Skullgirls, that thing is gonna be a smash. Here's hoping for bigger and greater things for all of you!

Also, nice job with the Lord Slug episode, you all were a lot of fun as always.

Keep up all the good stuff, just don't burn yourself out heh.

Hnilmik responds:


@@; And I'll try not to die!


2011-11-12 04:34:46


Also, thanks, now I HAVE to buy skullgirls.

Hnilmik responds:




2011-11-12 04:36:25

congrats! i didnt see anything in there about super flash bros' game theyre entering to the IGF though. thought you were doing a voice for that too

Hnilmik responds:

I believe they have a demo ready to go! Not for us to play thooouugghhh...

Me, my role is waaaayyy late in the game, so you're not gonna hear my voice in a whiiiiiile~

In the meantime, here, have the first 7 minutes to tide you over!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw HaGq3_XYQ


2011-11-12 04:44:13

don't forget about Echo Force Zero - Dropping this month! - -

the game looks amazing

Hnilmik responds:



2011-11-12 05:24:42

i love your voice! would you voice for a flash game by me someday?

Hnilmik responds:

@@; Maybe! It really depends on my workload!


2011-11-12 09:53:47

Let me just say again, just for the sake for it: congratulations!


I really do hope this can lead to other great stuff in the future.

Hnilmik responds:

Yaaaayy~ And thanks! I really hope so too!


2011-11-12 09:54:46

Why is it that the hair chick in the second video has Shuma Gorath's moveset? I dunno about newer games, but waaaay back in the day (Marvel Super Heroes), that was exactly what all of Shuma Gorath's moves looked like.

Hnilmik responds:

Filia's hair does all kinds of wacky things, doesn't it? Since Skullgirls pays homage to a lot of fighting games, you'll not only hear a lot of references (like some of Ms. Fortune's pun-derful attacks) but also see them! One of Parasoul's specials looks an awwwwfful lot like a special B.B. Hood would do, for instance~


2011-11-12 09:56:19


Hnilmik responds:

Thaaaankkksss! ::hugushibushu's~::


2011-11-12 10:18:37

It's basically a girls version of Street Fighter

Hnilmik responds:

Funnily enough, I believe Skullgirls drew a lot of inspiration from a bunch of fighting games, especially Marvel versus Capcom 2, but intends to fix a lot of their mistakes to make this fun to play for both casuals and competitors.

What I like about the character designs is that their looks generally reflect their fighting game archetypes, further driving home the variety between characters, as opposed to girls with the same ol' silhouettes across the board.

You look at Cerebella and you see big, grabby arms--Grappler.
Look at Ms. Fortune and she looks like a nimble, tricky sort who plays hard--Rush down, maybe mix-up, holy crap, her head comes off and she's a pet/shadow character.

I believe for most other fighting games, the girls always seem to just look like swimsuit models, in terms of body types.


2011-11-12 11:32:27

I thought we already knew you were voicing Skullgirls, or maybe you said that at VAC. Weird....

Hnilmik responds:

Naw, a long, loooonnggg time ago, before Skullgirls got an actual budget to work with, I was on the considered talent list~ I was happy just to be thought of!

When the game finally got backing, I had to audition against everyone else on the considered talent list, which includes some well-known names in the biz, so you can imagine my surprise when I got the email that I was cast!


2011-11-12 13:06:37

that game looks like a nerdgasm! so much want!

Hnilmik responds:

XD There're TONS of references visually alone and wait 'til you hear them from the characters themselves!


2011-11-12 13:16:15

Congrats on your success i hope to hear more of your voice acting in the future

Hnilmik responds:

Thanks! I'm gonna keep truckin' to make sure that happens!


2011-11-12 14:32:58

is it gonna be on xbox? or here on NG? i want this game

Hnilmik responds:

Xbox and PS3 are planned so far! They're hoping for Steam too, and even more once they get main things handled first!


2011-11-12 14:35:33

P.S. now you have another head to add to your profile collection

Hnilmik responds:

XD I need to update that 'cause I have lots of heads I've gathered over the years~



2011-11-12 16:12:37

congrats you sound awesome in the game, good to see the skullgirl people see the raw talent pool that is NG..

Hnilmik responds:

Thanks! There're a few other known Newgrounders on board or gonna be too, but it's not known if they can announce their involvement yet. I bet they're crazy excited to be working on Skullgirls too!


2011-11-12 18:45:59

Wow, Skullgirls huh? There's an artist known as o_8 who's on the team. The guy is notorious for drawing his women that way! lol

Your Chi Chi voice is spot on. Are you always doing her voice for the Team Four Star DBZ series?

Most of the things you've listed are things I've heard of or just plain love to watch. Keep up the awesome work!

Hnilmik responds:

Yep, o_8 = Alex Ahad

I've been voicing Chi-Chi for TFS since the beginning of season 2~

And thanks! I'm very glad to work with so many different projects and people!


2011-11-12 19:27:34

dude thats awesome you get to voice a character.

Hnilmik responds:

I know, right? And depending on how development goes, since they're planning on adding lots and lots more characters, from playable ones to NPC's, I'm crossing my fingers in voicing for another one!

I just can't get enough of this game, haha~


2011-11-12 19:51:29

voicing for skullgirls?
thats an amazing thing! its promissing to be a awesome game so its a great oportunity for you, let this one be the first of many!

huge sucess :D

Hnilmik responds:


And indeed, let this be one of many more awesome opportunities!


2011-11-12 19:56:45

The more I see of that game the more I regret I bought street fighter :|
Well. I regretted that when I stepped into an online match.....

Hnilmik responds:

Well, it's gonna come out in early 2012 and it should be an affordable, downloadable title, so by then, regret or not, you'll be able to get your hands on this game!


2011-11-13 12:05:20

Why can't I hold all these HNNNGHS!!! This is so cool!
Congrats Kimmy! :D

Hnilmik responds:

Yaaayy~~ ::huggles~::

8T ::drop kicks the Scraggy::


2011-12-09 16:45:01

my guinea pig can beat box

Hnilmik responds:

That's coo'.


2011-12-11 01:26:29

Oh wow! Congratulations on being picked for the character's voice! That's truly an honor to be picked for something like this. I'm not to surprised that they chose you though. Your an awesome Voice Actor and have alot of talent, and a very nice/hot voice aswell. And I like the char. your voicing. Ms. Fortune looks pretty hot, and she definetly looks like a char. that ( though has weak-to-average lvl atks ) is very speedy, and has tons of combos that can add up to some serious damage. She also seems to be a playful/mischivious, and care-free character, that likes to both toy, and make fun of her opponents. Which is always enjoyable having a char. like that. Especially in a fighting game. That's just my perspective of course. I Think they picked the perfect Voice Actor for her. As you seem to make her a very fun and enjoyable char. to play as w/ how you voice the things she says.

The game looks freakin' awesome as hell! I wouldn't mind giving it a try. I know it comes out for X-Box360 and PS3, but is it a downloadable game only? Or can you buy it off store shelves, do you know?

Well, once again congratulations, for achieving something as rewarding as voicing a VG character! You should truly be proud of yourself. ;) Who knows...you may even be selected to voice a main char. from a very popular Anime 1 of these days too! You have the voice for it. I just hope that no matter how big you get, that you'll still lend us NewGrounders your voice talents for awesome flash series. :D

Well, once again congratulations. Keep up the amazing work and your sure to go even farther! Havea Very Merry Christmas!

P.S. I just got done watching Xionic Madness eps. 4 prts 1&2 and you are a Goddess voicing Kary! I don't think anyone else could voice her as perfect as you do! Hope you voice her in prt 3 aswell!

Hnilmik responds:

I'm glad you enjoy my portrayal of Ms. Fortune! It's great that a character like her gives me quite a bit of room to play~

Skullgirls is downloadable only, from what I know so far.

And I'll do everything I can to still voice for the folks who supported me in making it this far! Just a matter of my availability to do so!


2011-12-20 21:33:01

That is super awesome! Congratulations!!!

Hnilmik responds:

And I'm looking forward to more amazing things!


2011-12-24 00:00:53

Wait, you're Asian?

(Updated ) Hnilmik responds:




2011-12-28 14:56:25

i need you to make a VA clip using guinea pigs


2012-01-09 11:48:31

THAT was a nice chichi acting in that dbz abrigde cartoon ^^

i got a question ; did YOU voice "armanda" from sanity not include

Hnilmik responds:

Yep! I do voice Amanda in Sanity Not Included~


2012-02-05 22:41:29

I lol'd when your "Berserker Barrage" or something line came up (reminded me of Wolverine from the MvC series). So I'm to understand that Ms. Fortune is like a Felicity/Wolverine/Ms. Bosconovitch from Tekken 6 rolled into one...as an Undead. Interesting! I shall check this out. I love 2D fighting games; big wave of nostalgia coming.... :D


2013-10-22 21:03:09

Ms. Fortune is my favourite character in skullgirls, a good part due to her amazing story, personality, character, and voice!
Your voice fits her so well! And the puns drive me paw-sitivly insane!