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Get those medals fixed!

The Final Curtain and Spice of Life medals appear to be broken for me, as I've killed 10+ people a few times (and I see that a few other people who claim to have killed 10+ people don't have the medal) and possessed/used every single item in the house in each play through in hopes of getting those medals. The game gets less fun as I replay it whenever I don't achieve anything after talking half an hour or so to do everything.

Really cute game though and I like how the possessing objects get more and more neat and spooky as the floaty feller gains more spiritual clout~ Or, as spooky as it gets for a cute game like this! My favorite items to possess are the beds, the birdcage, bathtub, and mirror.

As for the ghost... The cooing "boo" is the absolute cutest "boo" I've ever heard. The flowy tail effect is neat too~ My friend wishes he knew how to make it!

I lurve the concept~

While the level of challenge was tricky and dying is a matter of merely touching something, I really like the easy controls and the innovative concept. Watching the speed run showed all the insane details you've put in hell and how it's possible to surpass them despite how easy it is to get killed (by unforeseeable obstacles, especially). Overall, I like this game, though the challenge might be steep to most.

Voting lower might've been more fair.

Why do I feel as though the dancing pirates were directly stolen from another flash out there, particularly from a SheezyArtist... For what it is, which is a joke, it's so-so since it looked legit-ish leading up to it, but despite my love for the original dancing pirates flash... Eugh.

giraffen93 responds:

Yep, i stole it. Didn't know what else to put there.

Pleasantly Surprised~

Whenever I watch a sprite animation dohickey, my expectations aren't very high... So imagine my surprise when I watched this and even interacted with it! I even forgot this was a flash animation when I was playing! The VA's did a great job, even though some parts irked me acting and mixing-wise. The turn-based battle felt sluggish because of the whole "attack, rinse, repeat" right from the get-go, but at least the animation was pretty to look at each attack~ I especially liked the cinematics and the overall presenation. I kept replaying the intro~

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