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Skullgirls nominated for an Annie Award!

Posted by Hnilmik - January 2nd, 2013

Thaaaaat's right! Skullgirls got nominated for an Annie Award, and HOLY SMOKES, THAT'S A CRAY-CRAY AWESOME HONOR!! I really hope it wins because seriously, feast your eyes on the launch trailer again.

Meanwhile, I recently put together a clip reel of the roles I voiced over the years, especially since the last one I made was in 2009. Let's see if I can work on more exciting things this year!

Hmmm... Sanity Not Inlcuded concluded its short season 3, but that's just to wrap up one year and gear up for the next one, if you ask me!

I return as Chi-Chi in TFS's DBZ Abridged again...~

And I'm also Chi-Chi in the upcoming Goku vs. Superman DEATH BATTLE, so look forward to that!

Lastly, I was interviewed on GameOn Podcast! And if you've already heard enough about me, Austin Wintory, the composer of Journey, is the featured guest!

Have a great year, everybody!

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Congratulations! I've actually been following the progress of SG from its development primarily with MechaFetus to now and I'm very proud to see that one of the greatest games of all time (in my opinion) is getting the credit that it deserves. You did a wonderful job!

You are just a doll! Fantastic!



Hope you and your team win that award! ^_^

Fingers crossed! :D

"Best Animated Video Game

· Borderlands 2 Gearbox Software
· Family Guy Back to the Mutiverse Heavy Iron Studios
· Journey Sony Computer Entertainment America
· Skullgirls Lab Zero Games"

Skullgirls has some competition... well, hope you guys win this.

Wait... Skullgirls is up against Borderlands 2? That really isn't even remotely fair.


Well the fact that it is up there and competing against Borderlands 2 is satisfying enough for me. Although, you're definitely right. Still, at least people hold Skullgirls to be at least strong enough of a game to be compared to B2.

I agree, my thoughts were more along the line that I'm not really sure Borderlands 2 should be in an "Animated Game" contest. Just because it uses cel shading and a black outline shader doesn't make it animated. But yeah, the honor of being compared with a AAA title is awesome, no doubt!