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Dust: An Elysian Tail is Out! You'll be hearing lots of NG VA's~

Posted by Hnilmik - August 15th, 2012

Hoooo boy. I mentioned this was going to be an eventful August, so let's get this party goin'... While battling front page Clock Day traffic. HERE WE GO--

Dust: An Elysian Tail is out at last on the Xbox 360! I voice Fidget, the orange flying weasel-cat-fox-bat-like nimbat that accompanies you throughout the game~ TONS of my voice acting pallys are in the cast, many of which you've MORE LIKELY heard around Newgrounds at some point or other.

Watch me list just a few people off the top of my head, and be a derp forgetting the others' Newgrounds accounts because there's just so many TO list.

ME - Fidget
Lucien - Dust
Darkwolf - Ahrah
ShudoRanmaru - Ginger
RicePirate - Elder Gray-Eyes

Motley-Fool - Merchant Sereth
Aramek - Bean
Animator1mike - Reed
Biggiek7888 - Geehan
Kay Challis - Oneida & FloHop
Sarifus - Mayor Bram
Shard-Spider - Fale
Ovarku - Avgustin
Andyopus - Gianni
Actorman - Moska
Bezo - Shopkeeper Mordecai
Anjidu - Haley
Denten - Matti
FrancineLouise - Cora
Dellaciel - Sarahi
Rikachu - Corbin
AmandaJulina - Colleen
Rina-chan - MaMop
TeresaDecher - SmoBop
Shock-Dingo - Blop
FredykPhox - Old Gappy
TomaMoto - Baron Kane
EileMonty - Lady Tethys
Omahdon - Fuse
Sonicmega - Sanjin
RiverK - General Gaius
General-Ivan - Royal Army Commander
Takahata101 - Royal Army Soldier
Kirbopher, Ydoc Nameloc, Apatheria, ShadyVox, Lefthandedsock - Moonblood Soldiers
Dapootieman - Calum
Missbunniswan - Bopo


D-Mac-Double gets ALL OF THE CASTING AND DIRECTING CREDIT (with Darkwolf being his assistant).

IMDb - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2332302/

But Onto Your Other News

Xionic Madness 4-3 - In this finale, I voice everyone's favorite homicidal psychic dominatrix robot once again, Kary-08! Curious about how I did it? Check out 2 of the 4-ish passes I recorded, but spoilers abound!

And Other Stuff?

To people meeting me for the first time because of Fidget... Whoops! Well, hiya, I'm also Ms. Fortune in Skullgirls, and if you're crazy about ponies, I'm also Rarity in Mane 6: Fighting is Magic. Wanna get to know me better~? Survive my spamming on Facebook! Listen to an interview I had with 9.18theFan! OR! Meet me at Canterlot Gardens in Ohio, where I'll be a guest! Yay! Along with Tara Strong, Grey DeLisle, John DiMaggio, Kira Buckland, and moooorrreeee~~~! HOLY--

Detective Grimoire got OVERFUNDED LIKA BAUSS!! Now, to camp for the release sometime this August! Forgot what it looked like? Here's a refresher (and again, Fidget voices Lady Weybridge, Fuse voices Detective Grimoire himself--dude, just look at the game already)~

Still providing voices for Affordable Audio, where game developers and audiophiles can not only use the SFX and pre-recorded content for their games and collections, but also have a percentage of their purchase go to charity! For now, you can already hear me in the Action RPG Characters collection, where a portion of the proceeds go to Human Rights Watch. And at least 4 other cast members from Dust too!

Look, I'm Rarity and Luna. And look, it's Kira and Erica again!

Look, I'm Pikachu. And look, it's Xander again!

Look, it's the Hiimdaisy Persona 4 Comic Dub again, all in one go, where I'm Nanako (see i can prove it). And look, it's... Another huge chunk of the Dust cast!


...Why do I feel as if I forgot something? Baaahhh~~ Catch me in 2 weeks where I'll spam some more about AUGUST AUGUST AUGUST--


soo many voice actors...
They'll be running through my head for weeks if i play that. :)


Now I remember what dust was.... sucks that I don't own a xbox.

Also, I loved the Hiimdaisy persona 4 comic dubs. God, I wish you guys made more.

Nice update!

whoa, I didn't know you voiced Ms. Fortune! So you're the reason I walk around shouting "FEEL THE HEEL!!!" all the time.

awesome work.

looks like a cool game you voiced in, lucky you!

I've seen tiny pieces of trailers for this game, until today when I watched the big GiantBomb video of it: <a href="http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-dust-an-elysian-tail/17-6434/">http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-dust-an-el ysian-tail/17-6434/</a> (where they specifically say it has great voice acting)
and the thing I thought all the way through it was "I bet the internet will fucking hate Fidget for being such a cartoon, even though he's actually voiced really well and deserves to be liked."
and then I just kept thinking about how it's really easy to fall into the trap of making a support character like that come off as annoying, but someone clearly thought about that going in and did an extra good job of it, and I bet nobody'll notice. So SEEING THIS A COUPLE HOURS LATER IS WEIRD!

Also Newgrounds is CRAZY!!

...and voice actors fuckin RULE!

Oh and YEP- I say this every time: all voice dubs of that comic are hilarious.

Loved Fidget, she was so cute!

Just finished the game ;-; please tell me there will be another that was such a good game art was fantastic voice acting was fantastic gameplay.. a bit repetitive but it was a hack n slash so it was forsene. Story was balls to the wall FAN FUCKIN TASTIC i almost cried at the end.. please dust.. please be alive you were the most dramatic, badass, nice character ive ever seen