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Kagemono, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Summer Rec, & m04r!

Posted by Hnilmik - May 12th, 2012

xx; Holy crap, has it really been 3 months since I last updated...!? Who remembered the days when I used to update every 2nd week!?


When I'm not voice acting, I'm tackling my life. I got a TMJ scare a while back--Imagine your mouth being in immense pain every time you close your mouth when your livelihood is voice acting. It's better now though. I hope my grandpa and great aunt are alright... They both had to go to the hospital in the same week... They were fine upon visiting, but looked really sad when we had to leave... They're both really old and I really want them to see how far I can go while I still have them around...

No, I haven't been playing Skullgirls since it came out. The TV has been broken long before and won't be fixed until both of my siblings finish their finals. My sister is graduating! She's getting an associate's degree and is hunting for an art college that'll focus on her interests~

Me, I've been out of school for at least a year now. Busy with voicework, sure, but I'm beginning to think that I oughta go back to school sometime. Perhaps to major in art, namely animation. I'm just terrified of majoring in another field "that I actually hate" (like screenwriting/writing). My plan is to save up to probably take a few "smaller" art/animation classes to test the waters before investing in another degree. People who follow me on Tumblr and FB know how much I draw or express an interest in animation/storytelling using it. I have too many projects I want to do, but not enough time or skill to make 'em happen.

I'm trying extremely hard to wrap up voicing in... Around 10 more projects until I'm "completely free" (3 of them can even be done today if I work hard enough), but I want to use that time to get my life back on track. I'm distracted by too many things and I seriously need to focus on the stuff most important to me now. My friends and family are very aware of my concerns.

Dust: An Elysian Tail

...I'm gonna start spamming more of this in the near future. For now, just know that I voice a pretty big character in this. Well, relatively speaking. The cast will be amazing.

Lots and Lots of Student Animations!

Speaking of graduating, I voiced in quite a few student projects. One of them I can't link to anymore, but there's a promise of it being on NG eventually and I hope it does soon! It's very cute~

The Moon Guardian - I voice Luma in this, but the real star is DragonKnightTara as my mom~ And Apatheria is pretty snazzy too~

But the student animation I'm MOST proud of taking part in? I voice Beopup, the fox, in Kagemono!

And Darkwolf voices Gertrude the skeleton dog and Amanda voices the shadow mouse~ You have absolutely NO idea how excited and proud I am to have worked with Otherwise (or Arythusa)! She's an animator I've always wanted to work with since I've first seen her animations while interning at a post production studio years back~ I practically jumped at the opportunity to work with her, a while before it was publicly known that I voice Ms. Fortune in Skullgirls~

Last year she was invited to work at Gobelins, she's graduating from CalArts, and I believe she's gonna intern at Pixar (again?)! As someone who enjoys the quality animations from all of those places and hopes to voice for all of them someday, it's been a huge honor to work on Kagemono~ Wonderful student animations like these are why I do them, 'cause the students of today might/will be the geniuses of the future and who wouldn't want to help them when they needed it most?!


Speaking of folks who need the most help, remember Cheromanchequois? Pixmintro needs your help!

Summer Rec is an AWESOME animation series he wants to make happen and while the pilot is already close to completion, with other amazing cast members in the lot that you REALLY OUGHTA CHECK OUT THE KICKSTARTER to learn more about, he wants to go big with it. Festivals, TV series... It can only happen if he has the funding (and a new computer).

Meanwhile, I'm also helping Rina-chan with her Equestria LA efforts! It's not on Kickstarter anymore, 'cause it's been successfully funded, but every little bit helps in making it an awesome con! I voice Fluttershy and Rarity in this promo, animated by the oh-so-kind rebornMCW~

Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes is also successfully funded, but if you're a game dev, you know VERY well that every bit helps. Seriously. This game is gorgeous and could use more pretty-ness! I voice the leading lady, and other members of the cast include Animator1mike, RiverK, and Sarah Williams, who voiced Peacock in Skullgirls! And hopefully 1 more fella! Check out the Kickstarter for all the details and goodies (like tons of artwork and a demo of sorts of the game) while this? This is something to get your appetite goin'~

Anything Else You've Been In The Past 3 Months?!


I voice the titular character (lawl) Loren in Loren the Amazon Princess! It's an RPG game for the PC and I love the equal opportunity romance in this game~

EMBEDDING IS FUN, CAN'T YOU TELL!? Denten, a cast buddy who worked on a Charlie Brown flash with me, put together a neato adaptation of one of the Scott Pilgrim comics~ I voice Stacey Pilgrim, and there're other nifty folks on board, should you check the credits! ...I'd link all of them if I knew all of their accounts, especially NG accounts. ALL OR NUTHIN'!!

And lately, I've been moving up from additional voices to incidentals in a studio I've been frequently working with, so my bit parts actually have some screen time now! Yay! I'll share them on my Facebook sometime~

You get a funfetti cupcake if you've read everything.

Comments (6)

Crikey that's a lot of work. Good luck.

Hope things work out for you, g'luck on the education front.

Awesome, looks like youre keeping super busy! as for going to school, I'd say if you are going for an art/animation degree, you should avoid it. Just learn as much as you can online and from other artists.
Unless you have something to prove to someone by getting a degree, it really doesn't mean much.
experience, skill, and being able to use the current softwares are what companies look for. Not if you have a 40 thousand dollar paper with your name on it.

Save yourself the trouble and try and make a few short cartoons on your own first before you even consider the idea of going to school for animation.

Wow MindChamber.. You just answered the question I've been asking myself over the past month that I moved back to Canada.. THANKS, EVERYTHINGS CLEARED UP NOW.

Anyway to hnilmik's post.
Man, you've really gotten yourself into a lot of word, really spread your roots so to speak. Least you have all those contacts and what not now, although I'm sure previously you already had plenty enough as it is. I'd love to see some animation stuff from you though (hopefully myself this year too -.- no more sketching). But I guess I'd have to agree with MindChamber. I'm heading to Toronto in a few weeks and going to go to a few animation studios, one of which produced 9, which is one of my favourites. Talk to them about... shtuff.
I hope all works out with everything though hnilmik. Glad to see you're really getting into your work and hope you're enjoying it as much as possible! :)

Yeah, I've got to agree with Mindchamber. I LIKED art school, but it's mostly BS. I felt like I was just paying to hang around other artists. I can do that for free. Making stuff, building a portfolio, that is what it's all about. If an employer won't look at your portfolio without you having a degree, you don't want to work there. Just my .02

Good luck with everything!

like Mindchamber said, you learn more from the experience than the art schools. 10% of my design education is from the college, but I learned more from my work and watching video tutorials. I dont know how this in your contry, but here a Good Portfolio is a lot better than a College Degree

Also, I want to congratulate you for the MS FORTUNE voice acting, is really fun to listen.

Fun fact: An actual college degree is very overrated in MANY careers, jobs, etc., specially nowadays, at least in my country. If you don't need the formalism, screw said formalism, I think. Experience is the real stuff people need at the end, most of the time. There has been a serious debate around the programs and more these years.

And I want my funfetti cake.