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Apatheria's 2012 Demo + m04r VAing news

Posted by Hnilmik - March 31st, 2012

Seriously, give it a listen.

Apatheria is a champ~

(Along with Sapphire and Darkwolf for mixing/producing majickz~ And, like, one more dude, but he's being too humble.)


Still incredibly busy. I'm holding to my current mantra of "don't accept projects unless my demo is done", because I've been making progress in finishing projects that've been in my backlog for half a year--I just have one more on that backlog, in fact! So I'm 3 projects away from completely finishing all my projects that have a deadline, 2 ("secondary priority") + 4/5 ("tertiary priority") projects from clearing another agenda for projects that didn't give me a deadline. I kept up my pace of recording every single day and yes, a few times I had to take resting days to fix my voice up.

Paying Me For Voice Acting

Auditioning and recording for more paying projects nowadays because some people don't take my voice acting as seriously as I do unless I show them a check in the mail or confirmation on Paypal. I still love j00 guys for helping me make it this far, by giving me roles and offering support, so don't think that I'm gonna start shaking people down~ I discreetly posted this up about a month ago beneath my profile picture, but I'll clear it up here because... Character limits.

Ad rev is a good incentive for me to accept projects, 5-7% of, depending on how many other hands are in the pie (the fewer folks involved, the more to spare, for instance). Incentive. As in, "I'm holding to my 'no projects until I have a demo' mantra, but if you want me to voice for your project anyways (which MANY of you do), you have to bribe me to squeeze it into my schedule". Up front payment is a bigger incentive, but as a whole, I'm very flexible in terms of payment and am willing to negotiate a payment within budget.

Again, I don't shake people down. If payment isn't brought up, I just pass on a lot of projects as usual and only agree to the ones I like--I don't tell or ask people to pay me if the thought never crossed their mind. If it's brought up in the first email/PM, you EXTRA got my attention. Trust me, it's not because I'm suddenly greedy. Some people are trying to ride the Skullgirls train, scouting me for the name value more than trying to create an all-around good project, so... I'm not kidding around about the high volume of requests.

When my demo's finished, you can worry about this less~

Released Newgrounds Projects:

TOME Episode 03 - I voice for Granda, the dinosaur girl that RAEG's against Nylocke. Oh, you'll be seeing more of her soon enough... If you're a fan of Nylocke, the next episode is gonna be funny. If you're a hater of Nylocke, the next episode is gonna be HILARIOUS.

42 Boxes ACT 2 - Whoa, I recorded for this at least 2 years ago, so I'm wincing at my performance, but it's still amusing enough~ I voice for Liz the Fire Mage~


Hey, I spaced out my journal posts! Rumor is, Skullgirls is gonna be out around April 4th-ish (4 DAYS ISH!!) in the XBLA (downloadable on the 360), then on the PSN (downloadable on the PS3) a little bit after that! For how much? Not much more than any other downloadable game (ballpark of $15) and there're definitely plans for DLC to expand beyond the initial playable cast of 8 characters! LOTS of awesome friends of mine worked on it too, so if you're not picking it up for me, pick it up for my animation and voice acting pallys!

This SHOULD be the last time I spam about it, 'cause my last two posts already covered my Ms. Fortune! I mean, the cat's already out of the bag, so why pussy-foot around it?

Stuff I Do When Not Voice Acting

Tumblr: http://hnilmik.tumblr.com/
Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/Hnilmik

Write/Give Video Game Coverage on VG Tribune

-- Latest Articles of Note:
Interview: Crispin Freeman (Voice Actor and Motion Capture Performer)
Interview: Hitbox Team (Game Developers behind "Dustforce")
Interview: Zach Hanks (Video Game Voice Actor and Casting Director)

I have no idea where I'll find the time to interview the... What... 2-7 VA's and game developers in the near future. It'll happen eventually though, and game coverage is mainly to show that I have a pulse.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Hnilmik

Believe me, I was afraid of making one for years because it'd come off as pretentious, when I'm EXTREMELY new to the industry, don't have 100,000+ subscribers/fans on YouTube, I'm an extremely private person by nature, etc. But, push came to shove, some out of control weirdos made close friends and family uncomfortable (in the vein of invasion of privacy), and let's face it, my friends doing the "make a fan page when your personal account gets 5000 friends" route? Those "friends" of theirs aren't transferring and some have done some weird stuff on their accounts.

Don't worry, it's not like I'm keeping fans away with a 100 ft pole--95% of my FB spamming is copy/pasta'd to the fan page, no joke (and the 5% you're not getting is mainly me posting strongly opinionated stuff that may offend people). And, there're exclusives! I already posted voice acting resources in the Notes section, am working on a FAQ, announce the bulk of my voice acting news there (NG, YT, dA, and anime/video game projects, all in one place) instead of on my personal account, and as a whole, once I get several more reels finished, this is gonna be my "poor person's" VA site until I get enough monies to make something prettier for more professional folks~

Here, have one of my doodles that I posted onto Tumblr, 'cause I'll always be better at drawing animals than humans. To my chagrin.

Apatheria's 2012 Demo + m04r VAing news

Comments (6)

i really like the sketches

Buhhhh, thanks so much for using your front page powahs to pimp my demo! You deserve all the cupcakes.

Zackatheria's my favorite. Also nice sketches, rawr. :]

woah those animal sketches are really amazing!

And, because Fortune is a punster

Those sketches are purrrfect.

I thought Skullgirls will be release in April 10th.
so i guess it will come out April 4th instead?

xP Look at the date of this post. This was before the official announcement.