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Voicing Rarity in Mane6! HOW AM I NOT DEAD?!

Posted by Hnilmik - February 22nd, 2012

I TOTALLY thought I'd be updating this more often, but PHEW, I've been busy! ESPECIALLY with voice work! Seriously, I used to be clocking 3-5 projects a day (smaller projects), but now I'm in the 2-3 projects a day range (usually 1 big projects + redos/smaller projects). And as usual, I've been auditioning/voicing for animated TV show pitches and video games--That's a LOT of voice acting!


So guess what I do when I'm not voice acting? I write about or provide coverage for video games:
-- Latest Articles of Note:
Interview: Hitbox Team (Game Developers behind "Dustforce")
Interview: Zach Hanks (Video Game Voice Actor and Casting Director)

-- To Be Written:
Some MORE voice acting + game development interviews! Seriously, some are just waiting to be formatted while I juggle other gaming news!

I also doodle/draw; GRADUALLY, EVER-SO-SLOWLY getting over "artist fears" while improving my skill and wandering out of my comfort zone! Maybe one day I'll actually start animating my characters...! OR EVEN (GASP) BEGIN PRODUCTION ON SOME OF MY PROJECTS IN DEVELOPMENT!! ...Until then, expect silly exercises and lots of practicing.

Voice Acting News!

This is gonna be a long post.

I auditioned for Mane6, which is essentially a fan-made MLP fighting game.

Since I have friends who never really pinned me as the Rarity type, I also recorded some footage of me recording a chunk of the above lines. Note my distance away from the mic and room echo. I REALLY had to back up from the mic and turn the gain WAAAAYYY down to not destroy the audio quality while performing Rarity the only way I practiced.

...Then I got called back for another round of trying out. I got a whole mixed bag of critiques, ranging from "Your voice is too high/low" to "Your pacing was too fast", but the biggest thing I had to fix was showing more of Rarity's calmer side. I also DID get quite a bit of feedback of my audio quality because of the aforementioned room echo, peaking (DESPITE my lower-the-volume efforts), and a need for normalizing. So, I practiced Rarity in a way to hopefully slow down her pacing and NOT destroy the mic to show her calm, lady-like sophistication that she's known for. A friend helped me find lines, while another friend took care of mastering my audio.

And then, I got cast as Rarity in Mane6. Yay! I think over 34 people tried out (which is the number I saw when I submitted my first pass) and they also include some honorable mentions to give you an idea of what I was up against. Some people are still clinging to their respective favorite fan voice actresses, but hey, if Rarity's "Art of the Dress" song taught everyone anything, you can't please everypony!

And yes indeedy, MANE6!Rarity is voiced by Ms. Fortune, a la Skullgirls. Some people still don't believe it... For some reason. Lots of friends of mine are in this game (as animators and VA's) too, so I'm just throwin' this out there to keep it on the radar! SERIOUSLY, THEY'RE JUST CAMPING FOR THE RELEASE LIKE I AM!!

Old videos are oolldd~ The game is RIDICULOUSLY close to completion!

What else is there... Oh!

By now it should be known that I'm Exiss in Echo Force Zero!

I also snagged the role of Riley in Osuka's Ngfigure Voice Acting Contest (and be sure to check out a bunch of the cool entries that didn't make it 'cause there weren't enough roles to go around)!

In the winter, I got to see a screening of the first bit of my bestest best friend in the whole wide world's thesis animation! It was CRAZY seeing it on the big screen! And this WASN'T EVEN THE INSANELY CRAZY AWESOME PART YET!!

Holy moly, there's ALWAYS more to share! You have NO IDEA how excited I am for voicing in Kirbopher, Otherwise, and theartrix's respective animations in progress...! AND EVEN MORE STUFF I'M NOT YET ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT!! So, like me, you're gonna have to wait 'til they're done!

fgdfhbfdjbfdfk thank y'all SO much for the support--You guys have NO idea how happy I am to have folks who've heard my Internet works and remember them as I pursue and end up in even bigger and bigger things! 4 years of voice acting ambition, baby!

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Keep on rockin' it, Kimlinh. :]

You tooooo~~!!


Wow, you sound really great o_O
I mean, I was expecting something good, but you left, "Good", miles behind.

Holy crap. I knew you were busy, but not THIS busy O_o. Many congrats on Skullgirls and Rarity! That's some awesomeness to look forward to. Oh, and is Skullgirls coming to PS3? A while back I heard it was X-box only. I've been out of the gaming world for a bit so I've no idea if this has been addressed yet. Anyways, keep at it and don't overwork yourself heh.

Skullgirls will be downloadable on the PS3 too!

They have plans to go beyond the Xbox 360 and the PS3, but we'll see once the game itself is released!

My goodness! It seems you had a lot and lots of fun in this. Way to go girl!

you da besttt

A sincere "bravo" is in order. I remember hearing your first works here and reading your blogs all those years ago. First impression then: Great attitude, range, and intonations.
I'm very happy you've made a career out of this, and weren't sidelined by professional actors, pushing genuinely talented voice artists out of the way for a few quick bucks.

That's so awesome, I can't wait to play that game! Great job too, you imitate her very well :)

woah! you sure got alot of voices to do :S

i wish you good luck with them all <3

Wow! Wish I could stay that busy. Good luck! ^^

congrats! those are huge achievements. i'm interested in ms. fortune's metagame - i played eddie in guilty gear so i love those imba unbreakable sandwich combos :P

Ms. Fortune is clearly the sexiest character in Skullgirls. Congrats.

Well holy shit that was simply amazing!
It sounded just like the actual Rarity. I'm glad you got chosen.

thats so cool i feel like makeing a poem for ya :3

thats so cool i feel like makeing a poem for ya :3