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Been voice acting for 9 years and still doing it! Email at kimlinhtranvo@gmail.com if you want me to check out your voice acting opportunity!

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Awesome. I loved Dust, though my only complaint is it was too short but considering how small a team worked on it, it's a pretty good size for what it is, I love it still! I'm hoping there's a sequel, after seeing the ending there's a possibility, and I'm sure with all the money made it's possible. The characters are cute, well voiced, and memorable. I've been waiting for a game like this since Klonoa 2. It isn't quite as good as Klonoa, but pretty close. The story is original, and interesting. There's so much to say about it haha. I would much rather see something like this than the generic majority of games that easily get stale after hours of playing. Journey was ok but honestly I easily got bored with it, I felt it was lacking depth as far as what kind of places you saw. I think Dust is easily deserving of the title, I voted :) Good job voicing Fidget btw, I liked the humor lol

Yaaaaaaaaayyyy~~ I'm glad you enjoyed the game, the writing, and our performances enough to vote! You get all of the hugushibushu's~!!

I still need to play Journey myself. I just know that it has a pretty darn good rep and it's a beautiful game.

Kim, I'm proud of you, and I think this is all really cool, but would you please stop posting these? They make me feel inadequate about how little I'm doing in comparison. (I'm just messin'; keep doin' what you're doin'.)

;P I've been doing Newgrounds updates on my voice acting activity for YEEAAARRRSSS, all 4-5 of them! Nothing changed~ They're either "short" and frequent (every 2 weeks, sometimes had filler like me talking about art and school) or long and delayed (every 3-5 months, with tons of roles and whatnot), depending on how busy I am.

I suppose in the end, just stick with anything long and hard enough and you'll go places! Thanks for your support, 'cause I wouldn't have made it anywhere if people weren't encouraging me!

Congratulations, my dear! You've been working hard, I know. n_n

@@; Always working!! Work work work...!

a victory for newgrounds indeed.
it's great to hear good news progression instead of the usual depressed kind.

wonderful job!

Thankoo~ Yeah, depression ain't fun to write about, so I try not to!

And another point for Newgrounds~!

Wow, it most be such a great honor to even reach Toonami!

x3 It's a special feeling, having Steve Blum mention the name of your character and talk about the game you worked on~

Woah.. I'm amazed, I think even Rina-Chan herself never got as much publicity as you have (or perhaps we are all just left in the dark). Makes me wonder how many project offers you had to turn down in order to maintain your sanity.

You should be proud, you've reached a mountain top that some can only dream to achieve... So how does it feel up there? It as great as we've been told?

Rina-chan is usually too busy to update much, but she does keep her Facebook followers in the loop! She's the lead and other main characters in various video games and anime right now!

https://www.facebook.com/rinachan official

@@; As for me, I've had to turn down quite a few projects, sadly... Priorities do that! Hopefully once I actually get my several-years-promised character demo reel done, I might be more available!

Too bad Dust lost... :(