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Been voice acting for 9 years and still doing it! Email at kimlinhtranvo@gmail.com if you want me to check out your voice acting opportunity!

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Comments (6)

Crikey that's a lot of work. Good luck.

Hope things work out for you, g'luck on the education front.

Awesome, looks like youre keeping super busy! as for going to school, I'd say if you are going for an art/animation degree, you should avoid it. Just learn as much as you can online and from other artists.
Unless you have something to prove to someone by getting a degree, it really doesn't mean much.
experience, skill, and being able to use the current softwares are what companies look for. Not if you have a 40 thousand dollar paper with your name on it.

Save yourself the trouble and try and make a few short cartoons on your own first before you even consider the idea of going to school for animation.

Wow MindChamber.. You just answered the question I've been asking myself over the past month that I moved back to Canada.. THANKS, EVERYTHINGS CLEARED UP NOW.

Anyway to hnilmik's post.
Man, you've really gotten yourself into a lot of word, really spread your roots so to speak. Least you have all those contacts and what not now, although I'm sure previously you already had plenty enough as it is. I'd love to see some animation stuff from you though (hopefully myself this year too -.- no more sketching). But I guess I'd have to agree with MindChamber. I'm heading to Toronto in a few weeks and going to go to a few animation studios, one of which produced 9, which is one of my favourites. Talk to them about... shtuff.
I hope all works out with everything though hnilmik. Glad to see you're really getting into your work and hope you're enjoying it as much as possible! :)

Yeah, I've got to agree with Mindchamber. I LIKED art school, but it's mostly BS. I felt like I was just paying to hang around other artists. I can do that for free. Making stuff, building a portfolio, that is what it's all about. If an employer won't look at your portfolio without you having a degree, you don't want to work there. Just my .02

Good luck with everything!

like Mindchamber said, you learn more from the experience than the art schools. 10% of my design education is from the college, but I learned more from my work and watching video tutorials. I dont know how this in your contry, but here a Good Portfolio is a lot better than a College Degree

Also, I want to congratulate you for the MS FORTUNE voice acting, is really fun to listen.

Fun fact: An actual college degree is very overrated in MANY careers, jobs, etc., specially nowadays, at least in my country. If you don't need the formalism, screw said formalism, I think. Experience is the real stuff people need at the end, most of the time. There has been a serious debate around the programs and more these years.

And I want my funfetti cake.